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Best Law Schools In Wisconsin Under $150,000

Best Law Schools In Wisconsin Under $150,000

Students looking to attend law school in the state of Wisconsin have two dominant options from which to choose. The University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School are both highly respected and selective law schools. Each school offers an academically challenging curriculum that succeeds in training qualified and distinguished jurists. While the University of Wisconsin Law School carries a reputation more broadly than the regionally recognized Marquette Law School, both institutions offer a progressive and viable option for students who seek a quality legal education.

Marquette University Law School

Marquette University Law School is located in Milwaukee, WI. The acceptance rate for incoming college graduates seeking law school entry is at or near 40%, making it significantly less selective than the University of Wisconsin Law School. Sports Law remains as a recognized specialty for those who matriculate through the law school.

The faculty at Marquette University Law School accommodates 16 students for every single faculty member. 

One matrix for judging the value of a law school education compares the cost of graduating from the law school and the salary that graduates command after graduation. Marquette University Law School costs in excess of $150,000 for three years of study. In the category of law schools which cost a similar amount, Marquette Law School graduates earn significantly less than graduates from schools that cost as much.

Marquette Law School
Sensenbrenner Hall
1103 West Wisconsin Avenue
Po Box 1881
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201

The University of Wisconsin Law School

The University of Wisconsin Law School sits on the expansive Madison, WI campus sharing the space with one of the largest and most populous state universities in the country. As a state law school, the University of Wisconsin Law School is able to provide state funds to help offset the cost of tuition and other expenses for deserving students. While 40% of Marquette Law School applicants are accepted only 275 of 3,000 applicants are offered admission to the University of Wisconsin law School (just over 9%).

University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

U.S. News and World Reports lists the University of Wisconsin Law School as one of the highest ranking public law schools in the America. The law school is generally a popular choice for students in Wisconsin and elsewhere for several reasons. One attractive reason is the availability of in-state tuition rates and the fact that graduating students often common salaries that exceed $100,000 immediately after graduation. 

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  1. I’m currently attending the University of Nevada to then make my way to University of Madison Wisconsin.

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