2001 Chevy Trailblazer Low Oil Pressure When Stopping?


It seems that when I stop at a traffic light, stop sign, or if I halt the vehicle abruptly, my 2001 Chevy Trailblazer triggers a low oil pressure warning sound. I get a message that says ‘low oil pressure’ stop engine.

When I get the low oil pressure warning message the vehicle shutters. In a few cases it stalled. This only happens when I come to a stop, especially a fast stop.

When I first got the low oil pressure warning light on my dashboard message system I checked the oil level to see if it was too low. The oil level is fine. Why is my low oil pressure warning light on.

I don’t want my truck engine to seize because of insufficient lubrication. What should I do? Is this a sign of a bad oil pump?

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    The reason the oil pressure drops when you stop suddenly is because the throttle needs to be cleaned. A build of dirt and grime is affecting throttle response.

    If you release the accelerator pedal and brake suddenly the throttle will not close quick enough due to the buildup of dirt on the throttle. The vaporized fuel has a high proportion of air. This offsets the air-to-fuel ratio and causes the engine to drop below 1000 RPM.

    As the vehicle comes close to stalling the charging system slows and the truck begins loose electrical power. The PCM detects insufficient current at the oil pump and it triggers a ‘low oil pressure’ warning followed by a message that says ‘stop engine’.

    As soon as the throttle returns to position the vehicle will starting idling correctly and the electrical power will return to normal. The message system will no longer say stop engine or low oil pressure. I’m gonna bet your interior lights dimmed when this happens.

    This is a very common problem with the Chevy Trailblazer.  The solution here is to clean the throttle body. I would recommend removing the throttle body and cleaning it with CRC Throttle Body & Air-Intake Cleaner.

    2001 Chevy Trailblazer Low Oil Pressure When Stopping?

    Before and after pictures of throttle body cleaning.

    Only spray the cleaner where the butterfly valve is located. Open the valve with your fingers and use a wire brush and shop rag to clean the area.

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    Based on your vehicle symptoms I would also recommend cleaning the throttle body. But other things can also cause oil pressure to fall, including the following:

    1. Low oil level.

    2. Defective oil pressure sensor/switch.

    3. Clogged oil filter.

    4. Oil pump parts excessively worn.

    5. Diluted or thin oil.

    6. Oil pump relief valve stuck.

    7. Loose oil pump suction tube.

    8. Warped or cracked oil pump cover.

    9. Excessive bearing clearance.

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