2004 Dodge Stratus Engine Misses at High Speed


When I am driving on the highway and speed up to pass someone the car feels like it’s jerking. When the engine jerks I hear the motor make a slight popping noise. It sounds similar to a backfire.

My Dodge Stratus idles fine. When I accelerate from a stop there is no engine jerk or shutter. It drives fine. Why does my Stratus hesitate or stumble at higher speeds?

My vehicle is a 2004 Dodge Stratus SE with a 2.7-liter engine.

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    When the Dodge Stratus internal combustion engine undergo failure of the fuel to ignite properly It is called a misfire. A misfire can be the result of incorrect spark plug gap, fouled spark plugs, faulty coil(s), contaminants in fuel system or dirty fuel injectors.


    I would check the spark plugs first. The correct type spark plugs should be RE10PMC5. Use a feeler gauge to set the plug gap. The gap should be 0.048 to 0.053. That’s with a tread size of 14mm (1 in.) reach. The 2.4L 4-cylinder engines use spark plug type RE14MCC5 and have the same gap as 6-cylinder models.


    Replace the spark plugs if they are the wrong heat range/type, if they look worn or if they are fouled. The spark plugs should be light tan/gray color.


    It could be a faulty coil(s). Test and replace them as necessary. Also clean the fuel system and replace the fuel filter. With that said, the condition you described sounds like dirty fuel injector(s). Check the spark plugs first. If the plugs are fine test the coils. If coils check out then test or replace the injectors.

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    You didn’t mention the mileage on your Dodge Stratus. Engine misfiring in higher RPM’s on a high mileage vehicle could be from fouled spark plugs. If any of the spark plugs appear black or very dark then too much oil is getting past piston rings. Clean or just replace the spark plug(s).


    If spark plugs are fouled due to oil blow-by it means cylinder pressure is leaking past the piston rings. Consider checking the cylinder compression.

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