2005 Dodge Dakota Misses When Accelerating


Why does my 2005 Dodge Dakota miss when I step on the accelerator. There is a hesitation when I step on the gas pedal. When the truck is supposed to speed up there is a slight drop in power and the vehicle momentarily fails to go faster.

What are some of the things that would cause the vehicle to miss or hesitates when stepping on the accelerator?

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    The 2005 Dodge Dakota factory service manual list possible causes and corrections for and engine that misses on acceleration and for a motor that misses at high speed acceleration.

    Engine Misses When Accelerating

    Engine misses on acceleration would refer to a Dodge Dakota that misses or hesitates when the vehicle begins to move more quickly from a stop or a slow roll.

    Engine Hesitates at High Speed

    Engine misses at high-speed acceleration would refer a situation where a person would step on the gas to pass another vehicle.

    So for example, the vehicle is already traveling fast and then you step on the accelerator to pick up speed but the engine lacks power or it fails to catch and speed up.

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    I just got my truck back from the mechanic. The engine was misfiring and jerking when I try to go faster. The repairman said my truck just needed new spark plugs. My Durango runs like new again.

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