2008 Toyota Corolla Engine Stalls


Why does my 2008 Toyota Corolla keep stalling? The car engine suddenly stops running, usually when when a load is put on the engine, for example when I put the car in gear. Although, sometimes the Toyota stalls at idle.

Before the vehicle stalls the engine seems to run too slowly, then it dies. I can start it back up and it will run again, but it just keeps stalling. The car shutters a little before it stalls. The idle seems rough. Even when the car is out of gear it will stall.

If I try to drive on the road and apply pressure to the accelerator, the Corolla will hesitate and bog, then stall.

I called the Toyota dealership and they want $175 dollars just to diagnose it. Does anyone know why my 2008 Toyota CE 1.8L keeps stalling?

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    The Toyota Corolla repair manual suggest you check the following components if the vehicle stops running:

    1. Fuel filter.
    2. Water or contamination in fuel system.
    3. Ignition components faulty or wet.
    4. Damaged spark plugs.
    5. Incorrect spark plug gap.
    6. Vacuum leak at intake manifold.
    7. Vacuum hose leak.
    8. Incorrect valve clearance.

    There is also a troubleshooting section in the book that list why a Toyota Corolla engine starts but stops immediately. It recommends you check the following components:

    1. Loose or faulty alternator connection.
    2. Loose or faulty connections at the coil(s).
    3. Bad fuel injector.
    4. Insufficient fuel reaching injectors.
    5. Vacuum leak between the throttle body and plenum.
    6. Vacuum leak between the intake manifold and gasket.

    So many possibilities. Start with the easy task first such as the spark plug and gap. Check if it’s worn, damaged or if it’s gapped correctly. The spark plug type is Denso SK16R11 or NGK IFR5-A11 for all 2003-2008 models. The spark plug gap should be 0.043 inch.

    A vacuum leak means too much air has bypassed the intake tract. The leak causes incorrect air-fuel mixture, rough idle, hesitation and a host of other problems, including stalling issues. It will also trigger a check engine light.

    You might also want to consider investing in a OBD2 scanner tool. It can give you real-time information regarding what is wrong with your car and how to fix it, even if the car stopped running. It connects to iPhone and Android phones.

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