2011 Harley Dyna Won’t Crank or Start


Why won’t my 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna engine start up? The starter motor does not even activate. As such the engine will not attempt to turn over. There is no cranking sound, no noise coming from the starter and the lights do not turn on.

The battery is new. I checked to make sure it is fully charged and it is holding the charge. Despite that, the engine will not fire and begin to run. Any ideas to what I should inspect first?

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    If your motorcycle does not get power to the starter and the lights won’t turn on, check the ignition switch. Take the switch off and check the electrical prongs. They might be corroded.

    Aside front that, the factory service manual lists what you should check in the event the starter motor does not activate and begin to work, as well as what to inspect if the engine does not turn over at all.

    Starter Motor Does Not Activate And Crank Engine Over

    Here is a list of items you should check if the Harley Dyna motorcycle experiences a no-crank, no-start issue…

    1. Ignition switch is not turned to the ON position.

    2. Ignition switch is faulty.

    3. The motor’s run switch is in the OFF position.

    4. The battery has a dead cell or it is discharged and needs to be recharged.

    5. The battery cables are not firmly connected or the connection points have corrosion.

    6. Starter control circuit is faulty.

    7. Starter relay defective or burned out.

    8. Starter solenoid is faulty. Determine if power is getting to the starter.

    9. The electric starter shaft pinion gear might not be engaging or overrunning the clutch, slipping.

    10. HFSM/TSSM/TSM Bank Angle Sensor might be tipped and ignition switch is not cycled OFF then ON.

    11. It could be a poor or burned contact on the starter solenoid.

    12. Starter solenoid windings short-circuited or open.

    13. Starter motor commutator burnt.

    These are the main items listed in the 2011 Harley Dyna service manual in the troubleshooting section.

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