2013 Chevy Camaro V6 Spark Plug Gap?


What spark plug type and gap does the 2013 Chevy Camaro 6-cylinder engine require? I have heard that the fifth generation Camaro need Iridium spark plugs. Can a simple copper plug fire the explosive mixture in an internal combustion engine just as efficiently as iridium spark plugs? I ask because copper spark plugs are half the price to that of iridium spark plugs.

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    Spark Plug Type

    V6 engines: AC 41-109 or equivalent

    V8 L99 and LS3 engines: AC 41-110 or equivalent

    V8 LSA engines: AC 41-104 or equivalent


    Spark Plug Gap

    Some iridium spark plugs come pre-gapped. If you decide to re-gap your iridium spark plugs, be certain to use extreme caution as gapping a plug improperly may damage the iridium center electrode.


    2012 and earlier V6 models: 0.043 inch (1.10 mm) not adjustable.

    2013 and later V6 models: 0.037 to 0.044 inch (0.95 to 1.10 mm).

    2012 and earlier V8 models: 0.040 inch (1.02 mm) not adjustable.

    2013 and later V8 models: 0.037 to 0.044 inch (0.95 to 1.10 mm).


    Spark Plug Torque Specifications

    2012 and earlier V6 models: 15 ft-lbs (20 Nm).

    2013 and later V6 models: 159 in-lbs (18 Nm).

    LS3 and L99 V8 engines: 132 in-lbs (15 Nm).

    LSA V8 engines: 15 ft-lbs (20 Nm).


    From my understanding copper plugs outperform iridium and platinum spark plugs because copper has the best electrical conductivity of virtually any metal, except silver. That said, copper plugs undergo rapid edge wear and increased gap within 10,000 miles.


    That means less efficiency, possibility of misfire, poor gas mileage and it can result in potential damage to the coil and ignition wires. Iridium plugs also last 25 percent longer. If you think about it, the expensive iridium spark plugs save you money long term.


    I would recommend you comply with the factory recommended spark plug ACDelco brand and gap listed.

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