2013 Harley Softail Turns Over But Won’t Start


What would cause a 2013 Harley Softail engine to crank but not start up and run? My bike was starting earlier but three hours later it would not turn on and begin to work. I’ve checked the fuses and spark plugs and I swapped the injectors with spares but it still cranks but won’t fire up.

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  1. If the engine turns over but does not start check the basics first. Be certain the battery is fully charged and the cable connections are tight and corrosion free. You said you checked the spark plugs, did you check for spark and the spark plug gap?

    Incorrectly gapped spark plugs can cause the motorcycle to crank but not start operating. What year is the motorcycle?

    Anyhow, based on Harley Davidson Softail service manual troubleshooting guide, these items can cause the crankshaft to rotate but not start the motor:

    Harley Softail Engine Turns Over But Does Not Start

    This is a general troubleshooting checklist. Remember that more than one fault may exist at a time.

    1. Empty fuel tank.
    2. Incorrect spark plug gap or fouled plugs.
    3. Dead battery cell, discharged battery, loose cable connections or a build-up of corrosion.
    4. Spark plug cables not seated correctly or in wrong firing order.
    5. Spark plug wires damaged and shorting.
    6. Spark plug wires connected in wrong firing order.
    7. Loose wire(s) or connector at ECM, battery or coil.
    8. Ignition timing incorrect because of a faulty ECM, sensors or coil.
    9. Bank Angle Sensor tripped and ignition switch not cycled to OFF position then back to IGNITION.
    10. Clogged fuel filter.
    11. Valve(s) damaged or sticking. Wrong length of pushrod(s).
    12. Blockage to fuel injectors.

    Keep in mind that troubleshooting information is different for motorcycles that experience no-crank issues or bikes that start hard.

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    My Softail would not start. The lights would not activate and the fuel pump didn’t turn on. I took off the ignition switch and realized there was corrosion on the 3 prongs. I replaced it and it started right up.

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