2014 Arctic Cat 400 Won’t Start


How come my 2014 Arctic Cat 400 ATV will not start up and begin to run? I take good care of my all-terrain vehicle and always follow the regular maintenance interval that is listed in the 2014 Arctic Cat 400 owner’s manual.

I am pretty sure the battery has enough power to crank the engine but it will not fire up. The starter is activating and the lights switch on but the engine won’t turn on.

It is almost impossible to get a small engine mechanic to repair the machine this time of year. Plus the mechanic is 1 hour away. I need to fix this myself. What are some of the things that might cause the Arctic Cat won’t start?

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    Mechanics always say that when an engine cranks but won’t start or if it doesn’t crank at all then it is either a fuel problem, spark or compression/air. Lo and behold that is exactly what the 2014 Arctic Cat 400 factory service manual states, too.

    I have attached a screenshot of the troubleshooting section from the 2014 Arctic Cat 400 service, repair manual. It list everything you should check if the engine will not start or is hard to start.

    The troubleshooting guide list the most likely causes for why the Arctic Cat 4-wheeler won’t start. But don’t forget to check unlikely causes such as a loose cable connection or shorted wire/fuse. And be certain to have the battery tested before assuming it is good.

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    My 2014 Arctic Cat 400 sat all winter. When I tried to crank it several times it  would not start. I charged the battery and then tried cranking it again and I heard a loud pop. I think the sound came from the battery and not the carburetor (backfire).

    Anyway, I put a voltmeter to the battery and checked the voltage while the vehicle was off and I think there was an internal short. The lights would come on but when I press the start button the digital screen would go blank.

    I changed the battery and it started up first time cranking it.

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