Acura Integra Cranks But Won’t Start


My Acura Integra cranks but it will not start up and run. I hear the fuel pump priming so I am getting fuel but all I get is crank but no-start. The car has been modified by the last owner but he sold it to me when it was running. I did find a wire at the ECU that is not hooked up, I will take a picture of it soon and post it.

Update 1: I checked for spark using a test light and the car is not getting spark.
Update 2: ECU was bad. Thanks for the help.

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    Check for power coming from the coil wire, ignition and ignition control module. The ECU has got to be aged, maybe that is the problem. Maybe it got shorted when modifications were being made.

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    Acura Integra Cranks but Would not Start

    Acura Integra cranks but would not start is always stressing especially when someone is stuck in traffic or on their way to work. There can be several reasons why the Integra won’t turn on and run, and they can be categorized into the following four major causes. Here are the top 4 reason why a Acura Integra will turn over but not catch and fire up.

    1. Weak or no spark

    One of the major causes is weak or no spark. Spark is needed to ignite the explosive mixture of fuel an air to start the engine. Spark plugs will not work properly due to a dead battery, timing issue or crankshaft position sensor’s malfunctioning and failing to create spark at the proper time to start the engine. An old or dead engine control module or ignition switch can be another cause to crank the car and fail to start it again as the ignition switch activates the electrical system. The spark plug must be changed every 100,000 miles otherwise burn out and not work properly and cause weak or no spark to the engine to receive fuel for the compression and start resulting in cranking problems. Always use spark tester to test the spark for 10KV to 40KV spark.

    2. Insufficient fuel

    The second major cause can be insufficient fuel or fuel pressure is insufficient or no fuel supply to Acura Integra engine cylinder to combustion and start the engine to force down the piston and turn the crankshaft to move the car will result into vehicle cranks. It may be malfunctioning of fuel pump, fuel line leakage, fuel injector blockage, low or no fuel pressure or regulator malfunctioning as it results insufficient or no provision of fuel to engine to combust and start the Acura engine.

    3. Low compression

    The mixture of fuel and air is spark ignited for combustion through provision of heat by compression in the engine cylinder. Combustion process requires no air leakage. It can be leaked through timing belt and chain through valve. Air also can be leaked due to worn-out or burned compression rings, valves and blown head gasket. It results in low or no compression leading toward car cranks but would not start. Compression pressure can be checked through compression gauge. Compression pressure can be 130-180 psi in gasoline engine while 250-400 psi in diesel engines.

    4. Power supply problems

    If spark, fuel and compression is good and sufficient than it might be power supply problems to Acura Integra cranks but won’t start. Power supply runs the motor starter. Although power supply system has small physical conditions but it runs the whole motor. Btw, sorry my English is not good.


    My B16A was cranking good and was getting proper fuel pressure and it had spark but it cannot start. I changed the ignition coil and it started up first try.

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