Can HBAR Reach $20 $30 or $50 in 5 to 10 Years?


Will HBAR be able to succeed in achieving a price of 20, 30 or even 50 dollars per token within 5 or 10 years?

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  1. Adam Vergon

    Yes, the possibility of HBAR to hit $20 or even 50 bucks in the distant future is certainly achievable. Hedera, or HBAR is the only cryptocurrency developed to become the world’s first mass-adopted public distributed ledger. If you have any doubts about HBAR’s mind-blowing ability to get as far as $50, take a look at Hedera governing council. Hedera is owned and governed by the world’s leading organizations, or as I like to say, the New World Order of digital finance.

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    Blockchain technology has presented a very promising future, thanks to the renovation and re-invention brought up by cryptocurrency. Hedera Hashgraph has turned out to be a project that has consumed the role of distributed ledger technology to a next level. Being the root for Hashgraph technology, and its native token HBAR; this revolutionary concept is targeting IoT (Internet of Things). The project is conceptualized for addressing the issues of scalability, where it bases its fundamentals of empowering the lives into advancement.

    Hedera Hashgraph exempts all concerns of blockchain relating data accessibility and high costs. This features the advantage of fixed money at no inflationary costs. Hedera Hashgraph makes users the master of validation under such cases. Many people question about what makes Hedera Hashgraph an exceptional choice in blockchain technology. Hedera Hashgraph is known to work on an entirely different distributed ledger technology which is powered through a directed acyclic graph creating an asynchronous Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (aBFT) consensus algorithm, making it authoritative of the process.

    HBAR is looking forward to bringing change within the distributed ledger technology, where its future is supposed to feature multiple possibilities of improvement. HBAR is supposed to be burning its token in a systematic phase-wise process under situations of extreme market fluctuations. Although it does not support smart contracts the BFT consensus algorithm is quite reforming at various stages. However, HBAR needs to work on this algorithm to make it more robust than the general distributed ledger technology. This is what would promote its price to greater levels.

    HBAR is containing a consistent growth in its price throughout the years. Many critics fear that HBAR may become obsolete like ADA in the future, which the developers need to answer clearly. Looking into the main goals of HBAR, it believes in becoming a mass-adopted public distributed ledger. With its procession, it believes in becoming the project it is supposed to be. However, to make Hedera Hashgraph efficient, it has to come up to having 100s of transactions per second to 100,000s per second. This would surely bring the project to enormous volumes, taking it further into the $10s.

    Another promising approach that HBAR is taking into the blockchain world is working on the digital dollar with the Central Bank for it to be chosen as a CBDC, a digital rupee. The largest bank in Africa, the Standard Bank has promoted the concept of Hedera, as it believes it to be aligned with their use cases. Such news can lead towards HBAR breaking the boundaries of $10 and eventually reaching the $20 line.

    Considering these remarks over Hedera Hashgraph, the need of mass adoption is necessary. Although future development is believed to take the project beyond $1 and eventually $3 in the next year, the belief of taking HBAR beyond $20 is highly accredited with improving its adoption across the real world. Hashgraph, as a technology, has to modify its version to make it a complete success in the future. This will surely benefit Hedera as a project, taking over other blockchains in the longer run. There is surely a bigger picture to Hedera, which we will surely observe in the coming five to ten years.

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