Can You Be in Ketosis and Still Not Lose Weight?


Is it possible to be in Ketosis but not drop poundage? I started a ketogenic diet plan 3 weeks ago but but my weight has not reduced. My nutritionist said I need to become thinner and lighter because the body mass index chart says I am obese.

I weigh myself in the morning but my heaviness stays the same. Is there a reason I am not losing weight in ketosis? I need to get rid of fat fast because my glucose is creeping up and my blood pressure is rising. Any thoughts?

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    If you’re not losing fat, or seeing a reduction in body mass, you are not in ketosis. You need to either consume less calories or increase cardio so your body can convert more fat cells into energy. It’s your choice, eat less or exercise more.

    You NEED to use these ketone test strips. The test strips tells you when your in fat burning mode. Just pee on a test strip several times per day. If there is no color, reduce calorie intake or exercise more. They are critical for weight loss.

    For reference, everyone requires a different amount of calories. Some people can lose weight eating 3000 calories per day, others must restrict calorie intake to 1400 or less. Btw, the one or two Hershey Kisses some of you sneak in your diet is enough to prevent weight-loss.

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    Can You Be in Ketosis and Still Not Lose Weight?

    Ketosis is marked by low levels of carb intake and increased levels of fat-burning. A Keto Diet helps in triggering this process by restricting body’s dependence on unhealthy glucose and fat for energy, replacing it with healthy fats and blood ketone. Keto diet provides an excellent way for a healthier lifestyle. A ketogenic body is more energetic and disciplined as opposed to carb-heavy one.

    The prime reason for inducing Ketosis through keto diet is weight loss. As keto diet moves body’s energy source from carbohydrate to ketones, it effects an efficient method for losing weight. However, some people are frustrated that they are not losing weight despite being on a strict keto diet. Their dismay is understandable, but before abandoning your keto routine, it is prudent to check whether you have actually gone into Ketosis. This can be done by checking your blood ketone and blood sugar level and making sure that your numbers fall within the ketonic window. It they do and you are still disappointed by no progress, here are some of the significant reasons as to why you can be in Ketosis and still not lose weight;

    1. Not cutting back enough carbs

    Research has shown that for Ketosis to kick in, the carbohydrate intake should be somewhere between 5-10% of a person’s total calorie intake. If translated in average grams of calories, carbohydrates should be limited to 50 grams per day. As long as your body produces glucose from carbohydrates, don’t expect that keto will make a noticeable difference. Keep an eye on blood ketones by regularly checking them with ketone test strips.

    2. Consuming too much protein

    Contrary to the popular belief, a diet scant in carbs and rich in protein is not necessarily a keto diet. Proteins break down into amino acids and converts into sugar which repels the body from going into Ketosis. Anything above 35% protein intake will resist blood ketones to deliver required energy and blockade ketogenic process.

    3. Eating “processed keto food”

    In wake of keto diet’s exorbitant popularity, there are many types and kinds of “processed keto foods” available in the market. Not all of them serve the purpose. While most don’t contain any carbs, many are traced with hints of unsaturated fats that may delay or altogether block Ketosis. In addition, these “processed keto foods” compromise on the quantity of vitamins and minerals which causes bloating and recurring fat accumulation.

    4. Stressful lifestyle

    Despite a thoroughly disciplined commitment to keto diet, exercise, healthy and wholesome food intake; if you still reel from putting on more weight, it might be the stress that is taking a toll on your ketogenic progress. Stress pumps your cortisol levels which helps you to stay alert and awake. But longer fits of stress can drastically perturb Ketosis. By carefully managing stress instigation through healthy and mindful eating, exercise and meditation, you can make the best out of your keto diet and reap true fruits of Ketosis.

    5. Mindless snacking

    Keto diet requires concentration and perseverance. Sudden pangs of hunger and consequent mindless snacking can dissipate the whole point of undertaking the keto challenge. Such continual snacking can swell your total calorie intake and may obstruct your weight-loss efforts.

    6. High alcohol intake

    While this point may give away the interest of reading for some special readers out there, it is actually more altruistic than imagined. High alcohol intake hampers ketone levels as nearly all kinds of alcoholic beverages are high in carbohydrates. Those not, are heavily calorified. Either of the two types contain little or no nutrients at all. By cutting back on alcohol intake, you allow your body to lapse into Ketosis more swiftly and produce significant weight-loss results.

    7. Not kickin’ enough

    Keto or nor keto, a healthier lifestyle centers around exercise and exertion. Without moving your limbs, you can’t expect Ketosis to take effect. Doesn’t matter if you stay on a strict keto regimen, if ketones are not utilized for expending energy, they may aggregate to give rise to more physiological problems. So a keto diet works best if complimented by exercise.

    While you certainly can be in Ketosis and still not lose weight, it is advised that you don’t panic and check a few dietary and lifestyle choices to manage the effect of keto. Drinking enough water, getting plenty of sleep, chewing sugarless gum and keeping a mind and body health journal can prove to be of crucial importance for Ketosis. The next time you dawdle in desperation of not losing weight despite being in Ketosis, take a rational route to solve the crisis or consult a dietitian.


    Ketosis is a metabolic state in which elevated levels of ketone bodies are present in the urine and blood. Ketone test strips, Acetoacetic Acid, reagent strips for urinalysis can detect ketones in urine. You can also get a blood ketone monitoring kit which is ideal for people on the keto diet. It’s the best way to verify if you are really in ketosis. I prefer the urine test strips—it’s cheap!

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