Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction for October – November 2021?


What is the future forecast of Cardano ADA for the month of October and November of 2021? The value of ADA has been dumping for almost 30 days. Can someone put a price on ADA for the next few months? Why is the price of ADA plummeting? YouTube influencers predicted the price of ADA would be worth 5 dollars by the end of September. We are now in October and their crypto market price forecasting prediction is nowhere near $5.


Cardano has been in the red since September of last month, just look at this price chart! It makes me mad because some YouTube influencers said Cardano would crash and that it’s nothing more than a scam coin. Then you have other YouTubers that provide this BS price prediction of $100. I firmly believe now that someone (I won’t name anyone) are paying these YouTubers to shill their coin. I think we all know who that ‘someone’ is.

We’ll here’s my price prediction; ADA will be worth 25¢ in the bear market just like Blockchain Boy said it would. I am dumping all my ADA I am done with that $hitcoin.

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    Cardano ADA price prediction for the month of October or November 2021 could go to $1.00 if we get another flash-crash. After it dumps hard it will ‘probably’ bounce back up to $1.50 and then slowly sink to 0.25 to $0.40 in the bear market.

    The good news is you dumped your ADA when it was still worth something. I fell sorry for all the people who got scammed by YouTube shills. I dumped most of my cryptocurrency during all-time-highs like you’re supposed to.

    No offense but if you didn’t realize Cardano was a scam coin then maybe you shouldn’t be in cryptocurrency. That ‘someone’ spends millions of dollars to pump-an-dump it. That ‘someone’ is believed to own billions of coins so paying all the shills was money well spent…for him. I think he even said he’s a billionaire now, lol. Multi-billionaire.

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      It’s over. Pump to $3 was the exit pump. Charles Hoskinson betrayed us and so did Youtube shills. It was nice knowing you Cardano fans but I am dumping my bag right now before Charles sells all his tokens and ADA drops to 10 cents. Good luck with them $1000 price predictions they’re trying to sell you. At least I managed to get smart and dump all my Fantom FTM coins. Them same shills pushing ADA are now shilling FTM. Maybe crypto does need urgent regulation.

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