Civil War in XRP: One Post Fractures Entire Community


A single post titled “Done with XRP” ignited a civil war on the XRP subreddit, fracturing the community like a fault line. An investor, weary after years of stagnant prices, dared to voice the unthinkable: selling their XRP holdings. Here’s the post…

Civil War in XRP One Post Fractures Entire Community

A 2019 XRP investor, weary of crabbing price action, sparked a Reddit civil war by uttering the forbidden words: “I’m selling.”

This seemingly simple action ignited a fierce debate. Many fellow investors responded with disbelief and criticism, accusing the poster of spreading FUD and questioning their commitment to the XRP ecosystem. Some even resorted to personal attacks.

However, not everyone was quick to dismiss the post. Among the comments, others voiced similar concerns about how the XRP token is the only coin that has not increased in this bull market. This unexpected divide exposed a hidden tension between unwavering optimism and pragmatic skepticism.

Interestingly, the moderators took the unusual step of deleting the original post after it garnered over 180 comments. While their stated reason was to curb the spread of negativity, some community members interpreted this as a silencing of dissent and a suppression of open discussion.

While the XRP Army touts decentralization, the swift deletion of a dissenting post on a forum raised eyebrows, leaving a digital crater where open dialogue should have flourished. The XRP subreddit is starting to mirror r/cardano censorship woes.

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    Retail investors in XRP seem to be missing a crucial point in cryptocurrency. Ripples continuous and intense marketing of XRP keeps the priced pumped 24/7 365. What many fail to realize is that for XRP to experience significant growth, it needs occasional price drops or “dumps” to create room for substantial upward movements or “pumps.” This constant pumping, coupled with ongoing dilution practices by Ripple, only benefits Ripple. 

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    It’s concerning that some XRP investors think it will reach $10,000 per coin, which is not possible. This raises red flags about whether these investors are playing with a full deck of cards. These are the kind of investors who will stick with it even as the value drops to just 10 cents.


    The price of XRP will never hit $1. The price could tick up a little (maybe) in the first half of February, after that I think it will fall below 50¢. Ripple’s marketing strategy is gonna backfire on them. People aren’t buying the hype anymore. Well at least not the sane investors. 


    XRP moderators aggressively scrub negativity about XRP and Ripple from their online communities. Some speculate Ripple employees are moderators of r/xrp.


    Stay poor my XRP Army friends

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