Dodge Dakota 4.7L is Making a Ticking Noise


My 2006 Dodge Dakota 4.7-liter engine is making a slight ticking sound. I assume the noise I hear are the valves? I started hearing the click clack sound after changing the motor oil and filter.

I replaced the oil and filter myself. The click sound did seem to fade away after about 1 minute of driving. The next day when the truck was cold it made the same clicking noise during the first minute of operating the vehicle.

Why does my Dodge Dakota 4.7 engine make a ticking noise?

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    Where do you hear the noise coming from? Does the ticking sound come from the valve cover area? Could the sound be resonating from the exhausts manifold area or does it sound like it is coming from the engine in general?

    If the tick sound is coming from the valves it could be a few things like the lifter need to be adjusted. You said you changed the motor oil. Using the wrong oil viscosity can cause a ticking noise. It is even mentioned in the Dodge Dakota factory service manual.

    Here is a screenshot of the factory service manual 4.7L troubleshooting section for Noisy Valves.

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      From my understanding when your engine makes a ticking noise it is most likely coming from the valve train components like rockers, lifters, camshafts or cam adjusters. But my truck has a tapping noise that doesn’t sound like it is coming from the valves but rather a different part of the engine.

      What would cause a knocking or ticking noise from another part of the engine? I have a 2005 Dodge Dakota with a 4.7 liter engine.


        The factory service manual lists noisy valves as a culprit. But you said the sound isn’t coming from the valves. The only other thing the manual mentions in terms of engine nosies are connecting rod noise and main bearing noise.

        See the screenshot for more information on that.

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