Dodge Dakota Will Not Turn Over (No-Crank, No-Start)


My Dodge Dakota engine won’t start. When I turn the ignition key to the ON position nothing happens. The interior lights illuminate and the headlights turn on but the motor will not fire up.

When I try to start the truck I don’t hear any noise from the engine. Aside from the battery what would cause a no-crank, no-start condition?

My pickup truck is a 2005 Dodge Dakota with a 3.7 liter six-cylinder single overhead camshaft engine.

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    Dodge Dakota engine will not turn over refers to when an internal combustion engine will not start up and begin to run properly. More specifically, it is a condition where the crankshaft does not turn in order to start the engine.

    When a crankshaft does not turn at all it usually means the block has either seized or the starter has failed to operate. If the starter is faulty it will not attempt to turn over the engine.

    If the vehicle has recently overheated or the engine was submerged in water it is possible there is catastrophic internal engine damage and serious repair work is needed.

    The good news: It’s probably a simple fix. If your Dodge Dakota will not turn over, meaning the engine will not crank at all or even attempt to crank, it means the starter has failed to operate.

    Here is a list of possible causes or reasons why your Dodge Dakota will not turn over.

    Starter Fails to Operate

    • Battery discharged
    • Battery terminal corroded
    • Loose battery terminal connection
    • Starting circuit wiring faulty
    • Starter relay faulty
    • Ignition switch faulty
    • Clutch pedal position switch faulty
    • Park/Neutral position switch is misadjusted or faulty
    • Faulty starter solenoid.
    • Faulty starter motor

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