Dodge Dart Cranks But Won’t Start


My Dodge Dart cranks over but the engine does not turn on and start operating. When I turn the ignition key the interior lights switch on and the starter activates but the engine keeps cranking without firing the motor.

UPDATE: This was the problem . We put in a replacement and it started right up. Thanks for your help.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that the Dodge Dart cranks slower and takes longer in order to get the engine running. Prior to that it would start right up.

I am not a mechanic so I know nothing about an internal combustion engine let alone why it will not start operating. I could use some help. Why won’t my car start but cranks?

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    My car cranked but does not start. I checked F11 fuse and it was good. I replaced T10 relay for fuel pump and now it’s running again.

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      I have a push start Dodge Dart and when I push the button the lights come on but the motor does not startup. My neighbor checked the fuse box in the engine bay and replaced the F11 fuse. Now it starts back up again.


    In order to get a Dodge Dart engine to start running, the crankshaft needs to be rotated at a sufficient speed. If the battery is too weak to turn the engine’s crankshaft fast enough, it will not start. Re-energize the battery and test it, or try jump starting the car.

    If the battery is good but the Dodge Dart still will not start and begin to work, use this troubleshooting guide to diagnose and correct the starting issues. The following is the no-start performance diagnostic table instructions that was published by Dodge/Chrysler corporation.

    Engine Will Not Start

    1. Weak battery. 1. Test battery. recharge or replace if needed.
    2. Battery terminal connections corroded. 2. Clean connections.
    3. Battery terminal connection loose. 3. Tighten connections.
    4. Faulty fuel pump or relay. 4. Test fuel pump and relay, replace if needed.
    5. Cylinder compression leakage. 5. Perform a compression test.
    6. Incorrect spark plug gap. 6. Gap spark plugs to factory specification.
    7. Faulty coil(s) or control unit. 7. Test coil and replace if needed.
    8. Faulty starter. 8. Check for engine diagnostic codes. Test starting system and replace faulty component.
    9. Fuel contamination. 9. Flush fuel system and clean fuel tank.
    10 Engine timing is off. 10. Be certain the timing belt has not skipped.

    Keep in mind this troubleshooting advice covers the basics. Additional testing may be necessary with a more detailed description of the starting problem. It sounds to me that it is either a weak battery or insufficient fuel pressure reaching the injectors.

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    My 2013 Dodge Dart SXT non-turbo would not start or crank. The battery engine light  illuminated but it was fully charged. I had the battery tested at Advanced Auto and it was good. There was no clicking noise when I would try to start the car. I checked all the fuses, relays and replaced the alternator.  It ended up being a faulty negative ground wire from the battery tot the starter. Make sure you visually check everything before you start randomly replacing parts.

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