Dodge Durango Cranks But Won’t Start


My Durango won’t start, it turns over but won’t catch. The crankshaft turns fine but the Dodge Durango will not start and begin to run. After about the 4th or 5th attempt to start the SUV the engine starts up momentarily but then immediately shuts off.

UPDATE: This was the problem the truck runs perfect now. 

I have attached a video of the starting problem. The starter turns the crankshaft without any problem. It sounds healthy like any internal combustion engine should, but it will not turn on until the 4th time trying.

I have charged the battery, in fact it’s new. What does it mean when your Dodge Durango cranks but won’t fire and the battery is new? My Durango is a 2013 model.

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    When your Dodge Durango cranks but will not start or run it means the spark is weak, it has insufficient fuel, or there’s a problem with compression. To me it seems like your fuel pump relay is faulty or the fuel pump is going bad.

    Come to think of it, I think there was a recall on the fuel pump relay for 2013 year models. It kinda makes sense because it is probably building up fuel pressure in the line each time you crank it. Then when there’s enough fuel the engine fires up briefly.

    If the fuel pump relay and fuel pump both test fine, check the components in the list below. Keep in mind that the list of possible causes relates to a Dodge Durango that will or will not crank or start.

    Engine Will Not Start

    1. Dead battery. 1. Charge or replace battery.
    2. Loose or corroded battery terminal connections. 2. Clean and tighten battery connections.
    3. Fault in engine starting system. 3. Refer to Diagnosis And Testing the starting system in free download repair manual.
    4. Faulty coil or control unit. 4. Replace ignition coil.
    5. Incorrect spark plug or gap. 5. Gap or replace spark plug.
    6. Incorrect cam timing. 6. Verify or set cam timing.
    7. Water or contamination in fuel system. 7. Flush fuel system and clean tank.
    8. Fuel pump malfunction. 8. Replace pump.
    9. Faulty fuel pump relay. 9. Replace relay.
    10. Defective camshaft position sensor.
    11. Defective Crankshaft position sensor.
    10. Replace CMP sensor.
    11. Replace CKP sensor.

    There could be other reasons why the Dodge Durango cranks but won’t start. This just list the basics.

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    My 2013 Dodge Durango RT has the same starting issue but I had already took care of the recall for the fuel pump relay. Turned out to be a bad battery. The battery kept dying after I charged it. I replaced the battery and it started up and ran fine.

    • SoSoDD

      Hi John,

      I have the exact same example as the OP.  However, I also think it’s my battery also.  It is a ‘14 3.6L and the battery has never been replaced.

      My issue started while on a road trip and started behave strangely on the highway and pulled over.  I turned off and restarted, but got the same cranking issue as OP.  I pulled out my power bank jump starter and it had a full charge but after trying to jump the car it reduced it down to 25% life and did not start the car.  Had to get it towed to the dealer, luckily one was nearby.  Shop is backed up so had to get a hotel, but it’s haunting me now thinking I could have replaced battery myself!  We will see.


    I had the same starting problem. I just pump the brake 4 or 5 times and it starts right up. The dealership put a new fuel pump relay switch replacement.


    My Durango was no start no crank. I just got 1 click when I tried to start the truck. It turned out to be a bad starter and I had just replaced the starter 8 months earlier.  Don’t buy AutoZone rebuilt starter.

  1. SoSoDD

    Also forgot to mention the radio and lights work fine as well so initially I didn’t think it was a power issue.  Only 70K miles on the car original owner.

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