Does Google Rig Its Search Results?


Does google rig its search results? Meaning does google arrange its search engine results pages in a way that is fraudulent so as to produce a desired result that gives google a financial advantage.

The European Union said Google does in fact alter or influence their search results pages in a way that is unfair and unethical. They went on to say that Google engineers their search results so as to down regulate their competitors.

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    I think it’s fair to say that Google manipulates the list of organic results returned by Google in response to a query. The European Union thought so too. They fined Google 1.7 billion dollars. Now the United States Department of Justice is investigating Google for antitrust laws and claiming Google is a monopoly.

    But the DOJ antitrust case was initiated during the Trump administration. The democratic administration has long been a supporter of the tech industry so it might not go to trial, and Google will once again go back to being an unchallenged monopolist.

    Google manipulates their search engine. Some sectors of Google’s search engine are more altered than others. The entire search results for the health industry is dominated by just a few websites. Meaning just a handful of websites get 95% of all organic search traffic that relates to health.

    Slowly but surely google continues tweaking their search results. Google will be releasing another major algorithm update in May of 2021. I will bet the same pattern continues, where Google gives more power (higher ranking) to a few select websites. Eventually there will be no small mom-and-pop websites, small/media/large blogs or business on the first page of Google unless they pay their way to the first page.

    This corporate greed is very sad. Big corporations like Google, Amazon, Comcast, CVS etc., are devastating the economy. In my opinion the economic future is very bleak.

    On a side note this webpage will never rank in search results because political media have been granted immense power in Google’s search engine, too. People would need to share this page and link to it (a lot) for it to rank above the superpowers. It is a suppression of speech. Social media platforms are doing the same thing. Very shortly we will be no different than China…no more free speech.

    China uses advanced AI systems to catch messages on their Internet and then forwards it to the Internet police if it seems to undermine the government or similar. Then the Internet police arrest you or fine you. The USA will be like that soon.

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