Fantom (FTM) Vs Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)


If you had to compare Fantom versus HBAR which token do you think would be most profitable long-term? There seems to be some similarity and dissimilarity between the two digital assets yet based on my research more people are against Fantom (FTM) as opposed to Hedera (HBAR). In contrast, it would appear that more people prefer Fantom’s tokenomics.

So which is better, Fantom or HBAR?

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    Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is a better choice than Fantom in regards to profitability and token economics because the qualities of a crypto that make it appealing to investors is more about supply and demand vs its max token supply.

    Hedera Hashgraph is the only public distributed ledger ever developed to support a vast array of enterprise applications making it well-suited for worldwide mass-adoption. This is why fortune 500 companies and other blue-chip enterprises reside on Hedera’s governing council.

    Hedera’s token supply versus Fantom’s is meaningless. When weighing the pros and cons of two competing entities you should be more concerned about market adoption vs anything else. The reason why so many investors are opposed to Fantom is because it’s not being adopted.

    Currently the price of one FTM coin is worth more than one HBAR. However, the value of a cryptocurrency will always be limited based on its adoption rate. Here’s a fact, Hedera will tokenize the world whereas Fantom will do nothing but make the most earliest investors a pocket full of cash.

    Hedera’s vision of HBAR is limitless and so is the price of each token, well kinda. The world’s largest banks and companies are just beginning to build on Hedera. This will inspire thousands more companies around the world to also build on Hedera. This will encourage millions of retail investors to FOMO into buying HBAR.

    Just for reference, Fantom talks a lot about Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) as being a possible solution yet I am not aware of one single bank utilizing them. But Standard Bank (largest bank in Africa) has expressed interest in using Hedera and it’s one of their governing council members. Hedera has several banks on their governing council.

    So to sum it up you have mass-adoption, prestige and quality (Hedera) vs nothing (Fantom).  Easy choice in my opinion. Btw, I am not a financial advisor so don’t take anything I say as financial advice.

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    Don’t waste your time and money investing in Fantom. HBAR will rule the world, that isn’t a joke. Very soon the questions will read HBAR versus Bitcoin. Buy HBAR now before it reaches $15.

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