Ford Escape Cranks But Won’t Start


Help, my Ford Escape won’t start. When I turn the ignition key the starter activates and turns the crankshaft but the engine does not turn on. It sounds like it wants to catch and fire up but it won’t.

I let the battery charge overnight and it seems to be holding a charge. The interior lights switch on when I turn the key and the headlight turn on. What would cause my Ford Escape to crank but not start?

Update: The mechanic changed this part and it started running again. 

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    Turn the ignition key to the ON position and listen for the fuel pump to come on and make a buzz sound. If you don’t hear the fuel pump activate take off the rear passenger seat and use a test light to see if you are getting electrical power to the fuel pump harness.

    If you are getting power to the harness, and you do not have fuel pressure, you might want to change the fuel pump. It is a pretty simple task, although, always use extreme caution when working around gasoline.

    Never work on fuel system components while the compact crossover is parked in a garage. Always have a fire extinguisher at you side. Let us know if it was the fuel pump that was causing the crank but no-start issue.


    Ford Escape Cranks But Won’t Start

    Imagine this. You’re running late. You need to leave immediately to reach somewhere on time. But, right at that very last moment your Ford Escape SUV won’t start. It cranks, it seems to do everything right, but just won’t turn on!

    • What can you do now?

    • What could’ve happened to your Ford Escape?

    • And, is there a way to fix it?

    Well, if you have these questions in mind, you’ve come to the right article because we are going to discuss the four most common reasons why your Ford Escape engine cranks but won’t activate and begin to run.

    1. Insufficient fuel

    First up, get down to basics and check whether you’ve fuel in your Escape or not. Poor fuel flow or no fuel at all can cause your vehicle not to start. This could be because of a bad fuel pump, or a damaged or clogged fuel filter.

    If you don’t find these problems upon inspection then check whether your fuel gauge is accurate, it could be you were running empty on gas all along.

    2. Weak or No Spark

    When was the last time you changed your spark plugs? Poor spark plugs are usually at the root of car-starting troubles.

    If it’s not your spark plugs, then it could be something else that’s causing the weak spark. It could have something to do with your wiring and ignition circuit, or it could be caused by a faulty crank position.

    Car security systems can also inhibit your Ford Escape from starting in case someone has tried stealing or breaking in.

    3. Power Supply Issues

    Check your battery. Is it healthy enough to supply enough power to start your motor vehicle? If not, then a battery replacement is in order. In other cases, worn out battery wires can cause power supply problems too.

    If everything with your battery looks good, then you might be dealing with a weak starter motor. It just might not have enough energy to start up your Ford Escape.

    4. Low Compression

    Each cylinder in your Ford Escape needs to create an optimum compression for smooth engine function. Low compression in any of your car’s engine cylinders can cause it to not effectively spin the crankshaft which can, in turn, cause a starting problem. The usual suspect for the cause of low pressure is a broken or loose timing belt. Fix that, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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  1. Alonso Daniel

    My 2018 Ford Escape will not crank or start. When I push the start button nothing happens. The starter does not activate and the car makes no sound but sometimes it starts intermittently. What is the issue?

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