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What is the forecasted amount of money HBAR will be worth by year 2022 and what are the catalyst that will bring your price prediction to reality. Too many people try to determine the future value of a cryptocurrency and estimate its market price without sufficient information to be sure of being correct.

In other words, I am looking for an educated guess as opposed to speculation based on little or no knowledge or fact.

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    A few persons in the know anticipate HBAR to be worth between 1 to $3 by the end of the year 2022. One insider said HBAR could be worth more than $3 within a year. A person within Hedera, especially someone privy to information that is unavailable to others would likely predict a conservative target price as opposed to a radical projection.

    Cryptocurrency prices are primarily determined by its supply versus the market’s demand. Although anxiety that an interesting or exciting event, often aroused by a Youtube influencer or posts seen on social media, can often bring about a tsunami of FOMO investors which can drive the price far beyond conservative or radical price predictions.

    What we know is the founders of Hedera have purposely been very cautious speaking about particular events happening behind the scenes. Though, recently the CEO and Co-founder of Hedera Hashgraph have been aggressively confident about companies possibly or secretly building on Hedera.

    In a recent interview Mance Harmon gave the impression that Hedera could go from having dozens of transactions per second to hundreds of thousand of transactions per second resulting from a single enterprise use case. So imagine if hundreds of enterprises small and large started to build on Hedera.

    In a recent interview Lemmon Baird, inventor of hashgraph algorithm and co-founder and chief scientist at Hedera was quoted as saying “The people we are talking about who are saying they are going to build on us are talking about numbers that will get us to enormous volumes.” In fact he said we will go from a billion transactions per month, then a billion per week. It almost seemed like he suggested we could go beyond a billion transactions per week.

    There are many other variables that could increase the value of HBAR, for instance, Hedera is said to be the most regulatory compliant of all public ledgers, cryptocurrencies and tokens within the U.S. and governments in other countries. So mass adoption could occur by major enterprises all around the world, but this wouldn’t happen by the end of the year 2022—success takes time.

    Mance Harmon also said the biggest challenges are the lack of regulatory clarity and once that happens we will see an explosion of growth and there will be, possibly, cryptocurrencies and platforms out there that will no longer comply and will cease to exist. Since Hedera is probably the most compliant of any other entity we could see a second tsunami of investors that abandon other projects and sink all their money into HBAR, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink and a few others.

    There’s a lot more we can discuss that could affect the price of HBAR in positive ways, but for now, we should assume HBAR would be worth anywhere between 1 to $4 by the end of year 2022. Maybe what we should be more optimistic about or thinking about is the price prediction for the year 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. Since mass adoption takes time, it is during the later years (beyond 2022) where HBAR will really shine.

    My wild and uneducated HBAR price prediction guess would be 10 to $15 dollars by end of 2025, yet some might say that is a conservative price forecast. But no matter the amount of money expected, I am certain Hedera Hashgraph HBAR will easily be a top 10 token in the future.

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      Something that you didn’t mention that could dramatically affect the price of HBAR are the 18 governing council members that will join within the next year or two.  Maybe J.P. Morgan, Alibaba, Walmart, Visa, SpaceX, etc. That is pure speculation but we know the next council members will be massive enterprises like the ones already on the GC. This video highlights Hedera’s current governing council members. Still 18 more will join.

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