Hedera HBAR Future Price Prediction?


What is Hedera Hashgraph HBAR expected to be worth looking into the near future. What do you think HBAR cryptocurrency value will be in March or April of 2021? I have heard people say that Hedera HBAR future cost will be anywhere from $3 to $40 in the distant future. I am not interested in distant future, I want estimated value in its worth for early-to-mid 2021. This Hedera price prediction suggest it will reach $40.  

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    I just read an article last week that said its price forecast for 2025 will be $0.16056544. That is a ridiculous forecast. Granted it is impossible to put a price on any cryptocurrency but I would estimate HBAR worth about $0.15 to $0.18 by March or April of 2021.

    Beyond that I just don’t see how anyone can accurately speculate on a future price. Although I could see HBAR being worth a few bucks by 2022 or 2023. I think it is one of the better investments that can earn you a small fortune if you invest enough money into it.

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      I love looking at old predictions to see if the currency forecast was right. HBAR was worth $0.044 back in June of 2020. Now in 2021 it’s almost at 0.17. What do you think HBAR would be worth by the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022?

      Do you think it is destined to be worth $5 by 2025, or ever?

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