How Can I Get My Doctor to Give Me More Testosterone?


So, you know that male sex hormone that is produced by the testes and stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics like muscle mass and sperm production? Well, unfortunately my gonads produce as much testosterone as a little boy.

Prior to starting testosterone therapy my total testosterone serum was 159 pg/mL. My physician administered 50 mg of testosterone in 5 grams of gel per tube for everyday use.

How Can I Get My Doctor to Give Me More Testosterone?

My total testosterone serum increased to 390 pg/mL and I felt better. But after two months of therapy the synthetic testosterone suppressed my natural testosterone and my serum level fell to 147 pg/mL.

How can I get my physician to prescribe me additional testosterone? My general physician, who’s a qualified practitioner of medicine in the United States, does not want to give me a greater amount of testosterone when I clearly need it.

I am a healthy young male (40 yr. old) and physically fit. I want to obtain more testosterone from my doctor so I can feel like a masculine man again. How can I get my doc to give me the extra testosterone that my body needs?

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    A general practitioner is just your average doctor who treats acute and chronic illnesses and provides preventive care to patients. If you want to acquire more testosterone you need to see a specialist physician with advanced education and training in that specific field of medicine, such as an endocrinologist.

    The problem with most medical experts is that they dispense the drug in the office. Meaning, every week you need to go to doctors office to receive your testosterone injection, which is about 70 to 100 mg/mL.  To make matters worse, they might charge you $100 for each dose being injected.

    It’s a sad situation because you need more testosterone but to get the additional amount you need to pay a lot more money. It shouldn’t work this way. A doctor’s job is to restore human health though the practice of medicine, not to rip you off.

    This is why testosterone replacement clinics are so popular. In many states you can obtain testosterone online without leaving the comfort of your home. Although, you do need to go to a lab to get your blood drawn.

    How much more testosterone will a doctor at one of these TRT clinics give you? Anywhere between 140 to 200 mg/mL of testosterone cypionate per week. That’s a great deal of testosterone.

    Most of these low T doctors dispense a large amount of testosterone, far more than you will ever need. And you can take the testosterone home and inject it yourself subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. Unfortunately, some of these TRT clinics also come at a price.

    The disadvantage to TRT clinics is that many of them don’t attempt to treat your medical condition, instead they overmedicate you. They administer too much medication to increase profits, and they prescribe additional drugs that you don’t really need.

    In addition to having to buy their testosterone, they might insist you also purchase their brand of human chorionic gonadotropin hCG, anastrozole, vitamins and other drugs like growth hormone-releasing peptides or thyroid medication.

    If you refuse to purchase all of the drugs they prescribe you, they might not treat you. And FYI, they will call you in 10 weeks and insist you buy more when it is legally permissible to prescribe you more.

    If it were me, I would call every general physician in my area to see which one would be willing to adequately treat my condition and willing to let me self-administer the testosterone.  If that didn’t work out I’d probably just go the TRT clinic route. But that’s just me and I am not a doctor.

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    I am a phlebotomist. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I had one testicle removed. I had to beg my local doctor to allow me to self-administer my testosterone injections at home.

    I recently moved out of town and all of my local doctors said I must come to the office to get my weekly injection. The least expensive doctor wants $80 per 100 mg injection/week. It would be cheaper for me to go to a low-t clinic.

    This is exactly why so many people self-medicate in the USA. This is why so many people risk their health buying counterfeited drugs online from another country as opposed to getting it legitimately from within their own borders.

    It’s too expensive and they make it too hard to get.

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