How Come XRP’s Price Never Goes Up?


How Come XRP’s Price Never Goes Up?

Why does the value of XRP persistently fail to rise? Even in a bull market XRP’s price consistently remains stagnant. All of the big social media influencers vigorously promote it but the price stays the same, never upward.

Should I dump my bags for HBAR, Solana or ICP?

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    Social media influencers actively promote XRP both during bear markets and crypto market upswings. Unfortunately, this practice can negatively impact price dynamics, as XRP tends to be consistently pumped, leaving limited room for organic growth.

    For optimal results for retail investors, a more strategic approach would involve refraining from artificially inflating prices during bear markets, allowing the market to naturally correct, and initiating promotional efforts at the onset of a bull market. This strategy is commonly observed with coins like Solana.

    However, it appears that Ripple may not prioritize the interests of retail investors, evident in their continuous sale of billions of coins. This necessitates a constant effort to boost prices for them to realize substantial returns.

    Beyond this, factors contributing to XRP’s stagnant price include the substantial token dumping, resulting in price dilution. Additionally, the proliferation of exaggerated price predictions and speculative conspiracy theories has made XRP into more of a meme coin and that has caused retail investors to dump their bags and invest in better projects.

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      I 100% agree. XRP’s price escalation is impeded by the perpetual influence-driven pumping. As you rightly pointed out, Ripple is unlikely to permit a price decline, given their substantial holdings yet to be unleashed. The optimal strategy for retail investors would be to divest their holdings and redirect their focus towards more promising projects. Regrettably, XRP’s cult-like following may compel many retail investors to cling to their investments until it inevitably nosedives to 10 cents.


    HBAR’s price looks ready to explode in the next 14 days. That might bring you some long awaited profits. And for reference, XRP’s price is not looking good right now, looks like it might take a dive. Go with HBAR instead.


    Everything must dump for it to pump. If XRP cannot dump and can never pump. HBAR never gets pumped so when big news happens it pumps, then it dumps, this is a good thing. 

    If you hold XRP, sell it. I don’t understand why people don’t understand this. How can it explode if it is always pumped? It won’t—SELL YOUR XRP.

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