How low will Cardano ADA go in the bear market?


How much will Cardano’s price plunge during the bear market? I bought Cardano when it was $2.20 and held it because all of the Top YouTubers like Bitboy Crypto, Crypto Capital Venture, JRNY Crypto and many others suggested it would be worth between $10 to $50 per coin.

Now I realize Cardano is a scam coin that only got Charles Hoskinson and the YouTubers rich. Should I continue to hold Cardano or sell it at a 50% loss?

If I sell my garbage Cardano coins which should I replace it with?

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    Cardano (ADA) will hit a rock-bottom price of 25¢ when the bear market plunges at its lowest possible level.

    The current market trend in which prices are falling will continue plunging until every cryptocurrency is low-priced. The digital assets with the highest market cap will take the longest time to reach a reasonable bargain price.

    A few cryptocurrencies could flourish during the bear market. Real investments such as Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), which currently has a low-cost, could bring about favorable profits throughout the bear market.

    I also agree that ADA is a scam and a low-quality coin that does nothing. The Youtubers that shill ADA are despicable and these disgusting people are why the government will bring forth crypto regulations. They should make shilling any coin illegal.

    Speaking of regulations, Hedera Hashgrap will probably be one of the few cryptocurrencies that survive government regulations. I cannot and will not tell you to dump your Cardano coins but if it were me I would sell them in a heartbeat.

    Guys, please do not buy Cardano. Literally thousands of people have watched their investments plunge into the abyss. I have heard of people losing $250,000.

    And the sad reality is that in the next bull run Cardano will never achieve all-time-highs again. Too many people lost money in that coin and will never trust it again. By the way, they been saying Cardano will hit $100 since 2017.

    In my opinion the Cardano ADA coin was the biggest scam in the history of mankind, larger than the Bernard Lawrence Madoff Ponzi scheme.   

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      I dumped my ADA at a 30% loss when I realized that the Youtube influencers were lying when they said it would be the next coin listed on PayPal.

      That guy Crypto Capital Venture is a low-life and the biggest ADA shill on Youtube. I bet he was paid with ADA to become a full-time shill.


        My neighbor said his best friend sold his house to buy a giant stack of ADA. He said now he’s living in a trailer home because he lost almost everything when the price plunged.

        He said the guy didn’t sell his ADA when the market peaked because the Youtubers kept saying we weren’t entering a bear market.

        In fact, we entered a bear market more than a month ago and Youtube shills still calling it a bull market, lol.

        Word to the wise – DO NOT BUY ADA it’s a scamcoin.

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