How to Adjust Idle Yamaha 200hp?


How do I tune the idle on my 2008 Yamaha 200 horsepower 2-stroke, 76°, V6, HPDI outboard engine? The motor seems to run too slowly and sputters at trolling speed and it idles rough when it is out of gear. When the engine ticks over in neutral position it repeatedly stumbles. When I gun the engine sometimes it hesitates and acts like it’s going to stall momentarily before taking off.

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    Use the following maintenance interval chart before adjusting idle speed. The erratic idle and poor engine performance could be due to a lack of routine maintenance. If that doesn’t fix the idling issue then refer to the ‘Check the engine idle speed’ directions, steps 1 thru 6, that are posted on this page. The instructions are specific to your year and model Yamaha outboard engine.

    It is highly recommended you have the factory repair manual handy when performing routine maintenance, repairs or overhaul. Go here to download the complete factory repair manual. You can go that website to download manuals for other years and models.

    How to Adjust Idle Yamaha 200 hp

    How to Adjust Idle Yamaha 200hp

    Idle Adjustment: Procedures may differ depending on year and model.


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    Factory Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance Schedule 2005 2006 2007 2008

    Perform routine maintenance before adjusting idle speed.

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