How to Remove Lower Unit on a Yamaha 200hp


How do I separate the lower unit or gear case from the midsection on my Yamaha 200 horsepower outboard engine? My outboard is a 2008 Yamaha 200 hp model number LZ200TXR 2-stroke V6, HPDI motor.

Is there online documentation that shows step-by-step how to take off the lower unit or can anyone provide instructions with pictures?

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    Removing the lower unit

    1. Drain gear-case oil.
    2. Placer the gear shifter in neutral position.
    3. Wedge a block of work between the propeller and anti-cavitation plate to prevent the propeller from 4. rotating, then take off the propeller nut and boat propeller.
    5. Mark the trim tap (1) as seen in the example image and remove it.
    6. Detach the lower mount covers and then detach the speedometer hose.
    7. Remove the bolts that secure the lower unit to the midsection and then remove the lower unit from the upper case.
    8. Go here to download the complete factory repair manual as it contains additional information you might need to complete the job.

    How to Remove Lower Unit on a Yamaha 200hp 2006 2007 2008 2009

    These lower unit removal procedures are specific to the year and model outboard engine you specified. Removal instructions may differ depending on year and model.

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    Can you post the Chapter 3, “Changing the gear oil” procedures and the recommended gear oil and quart amount?


    How to Remove Gearcase Yamaha 200hp

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