How to Tell if You’re Burning Fat?


How to know if you’re burning fat? Can you feel fat breaking down? How to know if you’re burning fat calories or carbs? What are the signs of losing belly fat? Are there signs of fat burning in urine?

I weigh myself on a scale everyday and I cannot tell if I am losing weight. I started lifting weights when I began my diet. How do I know if I’m losing fat and gaining muscle.

I am getting frustrated. I am ready to set fire to my belly fat and watch it go up in smoke—that’s a quick way to lose belly fat.

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  1. You know if your body is using fat it has stored when you test positive for ketones in your urine. Testing for ketones is a guaranteed way to ascertain whether or not you are burning fat, muscle or just losing water.

    How to Tell if You’re Burning Fat

    We all know what fat is, it’s having a large amount of excess blubber. Fat is a natural oily substance that is deposited as a layer under the skin or around certain organs.

    When we exercise our body uses glucose for energy. Glucose is a simple sugar that is used as an energy source for all living organisms. It is the main component of many carbohydrates.

    Activities requiring physical effort cause our body to use glucose as a source of energy. If our body runs out of glucose it must burn fatty tissue as an energy source. Fat breakdown liberates energy for physical activity and biological functions.

    When the body enters fat-burning mode it begins to breakdown adipose tissue into the form of ketones. These ketones are made in the liver and are alternative fuel for the body when there is no more glucose to burn.

    The more you exercise the more fat you burn, and subsequently, the more ketones your body makes as a source of energy. When you stop exercising your body continues to burn fat for about one hour.

    Eventually your body realizes it no longer needs to burn so much fat and it starts consuming less. However, your body still burns more fat than it needs in the event you need quick energy.

    Your body does not store ketones like it does fat or carbohydrates. So if your body does not use all of the ketones floating around in your bloodstream then it must expel some of it through urine.

    That is why you need to use ketone strips to determine if you are burning fat, muscle or just losing water. In my opinion, if you have a lot of fat to burn off, you cannot successfully lose it without using ketone strips.

    Fortunately ketone strips are very cheap and highly effective. Just pee on a ketone strip every time you urinate. If the test comes out negative, then you need to do more cardio or eat less calories.

  2. Using inexpensive Ketone urine test strips are the only way to determine if you body is burning fat as a source of energy. You cannot use a weight scale alone to to distinguish whether your body is converting fat, calories or muscle to energy. Only ketone strips can tell you if you are burning fat.

    The only reliable ketone test strip brand on the market is this do not use any other brand. I have tried them all. These strips are called Acetoacetic Acid reagent strips for urinalysis.

    If you are serious about losing weight, you need to use ketone strips. When the body starts to covert fat cells into energy, your metabolism begins to slow down. Your metabolism may slow down too much and you will fall out of fat burning mode.

    Use the ketone strips to adjust your diet. So if the ketone test strip doesn’t detect ketones in your urine for a full day then you know you need to either cut more calories or do more cardio exercise. Using ketone strips is easy. You just pee on it.

    Color Chart

    What do the test strip colors mean?

    • SMALL (15 mg/dl) all day, every day = 1 pound of fat loss per week.
    • MODERATE (40 mg/dl) all day, every day = 2 pounds of fat loss per week.
    • LARGE (80 to 160 mg/dl) all day every day = 3 to 5 pounds of fat loss per week.

    For example, your body is converting 1 pound of fat into energy per week (fat loss) if the test strip shows you are in SMALL each time you pee on a strip, daily.

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  3. If you need to know if you are burning fat…

    This brand is the best.

    This brand is the worst. Do not buy Perfect Keto Strips.

    This brand is the cheapest but far from the best.

    I have compared all of these strips to my blood ketone monitor so I know which ones are the most accurate.

    • I started the keto diet 2 days ago but when I urinate on the test strip there is no color. How come I am not burning fat? I am only consuming 1400 calories per day.

      • It takes most people 3 to 5 days to get into fat burning mode, depending on how active you are. Your body first needs to burn off all of its stored glucose before it uses fat for energy. If you do not see any color after 5 days it means you’re eating too much food.

        You’re 1400 a day calorie intake might be too much. Everyone’s metabolism is different. How active are you, what is your gender, what is your age, how tall are you and are you hypothyroid? A short older woman with hypothyroidism might need to consume 1000 calories a day to start burning fat. It’s calories in versus calories out. You need to burn more than you eat.

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