I Forgot Wallet Password to Millions of Dollars in Bitcoin


Hola. Many years ago I visit American friend and he said I must buy Bitcoin. I not an investor but his argument is convincing so I buy 10,000 USD of Bitcoin.

I think I buy a total of 43 Bitcoin because it was low price. I forget password long time ago and forget about coin. Now I see Bitcoin has great value but forget account password to wallet. How I retrieve password?

How I retrieve password or does I lost 2 million dollar forever? Sorry English no good is not my language. Help please.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. I have read many stories were people have lost thousands or millions because of lost or forgotten crypto wallet passwords. But as far as I know there is no recovery process for that. If you lose it, you lose it.

    One man was said to have lost 7,002 bitcoin worth $220 million after he lost his wallet password. Maybe learning to let go is your best option.

    You could try a Bitcoin recovery agency. Basically it is a group of hackers that use special algorithms and programs to break encryption and check or test millions of password combinations for your wallet.

    There as been limited success.

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