Is Cardano ADA a Good Investment?


I am new to cryptocurrency or investing money for profit so I’ve been doing a little internet research on Cardano ADA to see if the digital asset is worth buying because it may be profitable in the future. That said, after investigating and exploring Cardano on the web I am left very skeptical about whether or not it’s a quality investment. Does anyone think Cardano is a digital currency worth buying? Is Cardano ADA a good investment?

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    If you’re new to cryptocurrency you should come to understand that a good investment can be the worst investment and the worst investment can be the best investment, at least in the short-term. By that I mean, a cryptocurrency doesn’t need to have a good use case or a low circulating supply of coins to be profitable, it just needs good marketing—Cardano has good marketing.

    But, just because Cardano has good marketing doesn’t mean it is a good investment. One person’s good investment may be another person’s bad investment.

    Personally I think Cardano is a bad investment. Before I tell you why I think Cardano is a bad investment, you should understand that this is my opinion and you should consult with an expert investor before you invest money for profit.

    I think Cardano is a bad investment because it survives on hype. Truth be told, the tokenomics are horrible and it hasn’t accomplished much other than extravagant promises.

    In my opinion most all of the major YouTube influencers are paid Cardano shills. They have been paid by someone to make people believe Cardano is the best thing since sliced bread—it’s not. It is also my opinion that someone has paid the same YouTubers to reframe from talking about their competition, like Hedera Hashgraph HBAR.

    All of this hype has made Cardano a profitable investment for early investors. Heck, it’s made some of them millionaires. Much of this intensive promotion has created a frenzy of people to buy Cardano.

    With so much hype come a flood of new investors buying ADA. All of this new traffic growth encourages smaller YouTubers and small/large websites to publish a wealth of content so as to capitalize on potential ad revenue. I also believe that someone has paid sites so as to promote Cardano.

    One thing I find deceptive are so many high-level YouTubers have suggested that Cardano will be worth $10 per coin, then they said it would be worth $50, then $100, then $1000, then $5,000. I just seen someone say Cardano would be worth $60,000 per coin which would need a market cap of like 2 quadrillion dollars or about 85% of all currency on earth—that’s just not possible.

    These same YouTubers claim Cardano will be the next cryptocurrency to be listed on PayPal (doubtful). They’ve also said it could become the world’s reserve currency and that all of the Wall Street investors are secretly buying Cardano by the truckloads (let’s see proof). When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    BitBoy Crypto just said he invested 1 million dollars in Cardano. Can we see timestamps or the receipts for that purchase? Or did someone just send him 1 million worth of Cardano so he can make people believe he really did invest that much.

    So this hype or lies are necessary to increase the value of the coin. But what happens whey all of these promises never come into existence? People will start dumping and late investors will have a lot to lose.

    Cardano has so much talk and not much action. I wouldn’t invest my money in ADA. That said, if Cardano started a new coin with more potential, I wouldn’t hesitate to be an early investor.

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    I think Ampleforth Governance Token FORTH would be a quality investment or Plasma.Finance. A fine long-term investment could be HABAR but you might be waiting a few years to see some good gains.

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