Is Polymath (POLY) a Good Investment?


Is Polymath considered a high-quality investment opportunity? If so would it be regarded as a good long-term investment or an excellent short-term investment. I am new to investing money for profit so a little guidance is appreciated.

Coinbase recently listed Polymath POLY and so I reckoned it must be a cryptocurrency that will give me the highest possible return on my investment since it’s on their catalog. If you do not recommend Polymath is there another token that could provide a high return, preferably one with a low amount of risk?

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    No, Polymath does not appear to be a good investment in which you will make a satisfactory profit and it’s possible the digital asset will decrease in value upon purchase.

    Just because a coin is listed on Coinbase doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. With that said, several months ago if Coinbase listed a digital currency it would be viewed as a stamp of approval and the day of its listing would usually cause the price to rise sharply.

    That’s not how it works anymore. The CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted in June that Coinbase’s goal was to list every digital asset that is legally allowed by law and that a listing does not mean they are endorsing it, or in other words, it doesn’t mean it’s a good investment.

    In fact, Polymath hardly pumped upon its initial listing on Coinbase so I wouldn’t put money into POLY with the expectation of achieving a profit.

    Maybe you should sink your money into Hedera Hashgraph HBAR instead, especially since you’re a newbie crypto investor. The price of HBAR is cheap right now at 24¢ per token but keep in mind that price will fluctuate up and down rapidly in the short-term (like all cryptocurrency).

    Hedera Hashgraph is a better investment opportunity because it’s the only public distributed ledger ever developed that is well-suited to support a vast array of applications. It was specifically created for mass-adoption and it’s technology is superior to all other cryptocurrencies. The largest companies in the world reside on Hedera’s governing council and more will be added within the next 1 or 2 years. Boeing, IBM, Google, Avery Dennison, LG Electronics, TATA Communications are just a few major companies from around the world that are invested in Hedera.

    Banks are even on Hedera’s governing council. Standard Bank (largest bank in Africa) and Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. is a bank headquartered in Seoul, South Korea are also building on Hedera.

    Someone once said follow the money and you will be successful. Well, all the billion dollar companies are investing in Hedera Hashgraph HBAR. Hurry while it’s still early.

    Btw, for reference I am not a financial advisor so do not take anything I say as financial advice. I always recommend people speak with a certified financial advisor before investing money for profit.

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      If HBAR is so good why is the price not higher? How much will HBAR be worth per token in the future?


        HBAR is a long-term project but you should start to see some gains soon, maybe within the next few months. I predict the price will climb slowly but steadily for the next several months, or longer.  But make no mistake about it, at some point progress will rapidly evolve and if you don’t invest now you will regret it latter when the price is too high to afford.

        Realistically I could see the price reaching 1 to 3 dollars by the end of 2021 or 2022 and eventually $10 to $15 longer-term. But with worldwide mass adoption the sky is the limit. Some think $40 is possible.


    From my understanding POLY is an Ethereum token and its purpose is to facilitate digital securities that are being traded on the Polymath platform. The objective of POLY is to tokenize and support the trading of traditional and new classes of assets. That sounds like something Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) can do much faster and with better security. But hey, why not invest in both?

    I would agree though that every crypto investor on earth should at least invest what they can afford in HBAR. It’s the future.

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