Is Tribe (TRIBE) a Good Investment?


Is the TRIBE Ethereum token that governs the Fei Protocol a good investment. The Tribe coin I assume is the governance token to its decentralized stable coin FEI that self-adjust to maintain a value of $1 as opposed to being pegged to the dollar. I assume the TRIBE coin is similar to the Ampleforth Governance Token, which governs the AMPL protocol that automatically adjust its supply in response to demand.

Also, what other coins might you suggest as a good mid-to-long-term investment or a good token to invest in the bear market.

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    Tribe does not have the qualities required to be considered a satisfactory investment because its fate lies in the SEC’s future ruling on stable coins. More regulatory clarity is needed to determine if Tribe is a thing worth buying because it may be profitable in the future. Otherwise it could be a great investment and certainly Fei Protocol is better than AMPL.

    To answer your second question, Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) could be an excellent bear market token investment because it has a real possibility for mass-adoption during that time. Plus Hedera will likely add several big governing council members during the bear market which could keep the price pumping all the way through the next bull run.

    Currently I am investing in tokens that have the best chance of surviving U.S. government regulations therefore I will be buying more HBAR and ALGO. I know a few top crypto YouTubers who are also investing more in Tokens like HBAR and Algorand. I know that HBAR is registered and regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. I also know that the Chairman of the SEC speaks fondly of the Algorand creator (I think they’re friends).

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    Right now Hedera Hashgraph is the best investment opportunity because it hasn’t been hyped. Most other coins right now are a bad investment because they are pumping or have already pumped. HBAR is a fine investment, especially long-term so buy while it’s still cheap. Remember that all of these fortune 500 companies are on Hedera’s governing council for a reason—it’s a good investment. Follow the money.

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