Ripple Urges HODL as They Dump XRP


Ripple Urges HODL as They Dump XRP
Stumbled upon this thread on XRP Reddit: Ripple’s sly encouragement to HODL while they offload (cuz I know someone at Ripple secretly started this post). While XRP holders see peanuts, I’m thriving in profit: Celesta ($10K), BankSoical ($6K), Calaxy ($8K+), and HBAR ($12K, grabbed at 4¢). Yet, XRP’s stagnant at 62¢. My heart goes out to those fooled into XRP, relentlessly dumped on by the rich. And to make matters worse, there’s still 47 billion tokens waiting to be dumped on them! It’s a pity for the XRP Army missing out on massive gains! 💰📈

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    It’s utterly lamentable to witness the hypnotized victims of the XRP scam. Imagine ditching everything to go all-in on XRP, only to stagnate for next few decades without a glimpse of profit. My condolences to these pitiable fools. Such a sorry sight indeed.


    The fact that Ripple emerged victorious in the SEC case is almost regrettable. Gensler should have, at the very least, denounced XRP as a scam coin. The sad part, Ripple recently cashed in another $100+ million worth of XRP, and attempted to shuffle and disguise their sales history. It’s astonishing how gullible XRP investors continue to be amidst this constant dumping in their face. 

    Investor: “Let me sell everything I own for XRP!”

    Ripple: “Thank you, fool! Time to unload on your face!”

    Bro, anyone reading this. Stay away from XRP! Scam Coin!

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