Suzuki 40hp Won’t Crank or Start


My Suzuki 40 horsepower engine will not activate and begin to run. The battery is fully charged and all of the charging cables and wires are firmly connected. I made sure the shift was in the neutral position.

The engine does not turn over with continued cranking, it is a no crank no start issue. Last week it started up fine and ran smoothly. Now it won’t fire up or crank at all. What are some of the things a person should check when the crankshaft on an internal combustion will not turn in order to start the engine?

My boat motor is a 2005 Suzuki 40hp

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  1. Suzuki 40 HP Does Not Start or Crank

    Check the starter motor first. Does it rotate? If not be certain the battery is charged and does not have a dead or weak cell. Be certain the battery terminal connections are corrosion free and are tightly connected (you said you checked this already). Also check the main 30A fuse.

    If everything checks out fine, listen for a click sound coming from the starter relay when you turn the ignition switch to the “START” position. If you heard the sound of a click when turning the ignition switch then you should remove the starter from the engine.

    Connect the positive [+] battery terminal to the “M” terminal on the starter motor. Then connect the battery negative [-] terminal to the body of the starter motor. Does the starter motor turn on?

    If the starter motor did activate and begin to work, it means the magnetic with and/or the connection is faulty. Replace it. If the starter motor did not activate then you should check the brush holder and brush, and/or check the amateur coil.

    If the starter relay did not make a click sound when turning the ignition switch, check the following components:

    • Check neutral switch to make sure it is functioning properly.

    • Inspect the ignition switch to make sure it is functioning properly.

    • Check the starter motor relay.

    • Inspect wiring and connections between ignition switch and starter relay.

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  2. Suzuki 40HP Cranks But Won’t Start

    If the the engine does crank but won’t start up check to make sure the flywheel rotates. If the flywheel does not rotate or turns slowly, check battery charging condition, or be certain the battery terminals are free of corrosion and are securely connected.

    There can still be other reasons why the Suzuki 40hp does not turn on. Let me know if me know if the outboard sill will not start after checking the battery for a dead cell and terminal connections.

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