Suzuki 90hp (DF90) Won’t Start


My 2004 Suzuki 90 horsepower outboard will not turn on and begin to work. The engine does not turn over. The flywheel does not rotate. The starter motor does not activate or rotate.

I checked the battery for charge and had the local auto store test it for a bad cell. The battery was determined to be good. I inspected the battery terminals for corrosion and made sure the connections were tight.

I checked the main 60A fuse and the 30A sub fuse and they were fine. I am not sure what else to check. Should I remove the starter and have it tested? Any ideas to why my Suzuki 90hp will not start up?

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    If the outboard won’t fire but battery is good, listen for a “click” sound when you turn the ignition switch to the start position. If you hear a click sound remove the starter and bench test it.

    To bench test the starter connect the positive battery terminal to the “M” terminal on the starter motor. Then connect the battery negative to the starter motor body. If the starter motor turns while not under load, it means the magnetic switch and/or connection is faulty. Replace it.

    If the starter motor does not rotate, check the brush and brush holder and/or the armature coil.

    If you did not hear a click when you turned the ignition switch to the start position check and/or test the following components:

    • Check neutral switch.
    • Check ignition switch.
    • Check starter relay.
    • Inspect wiring between ignition switch and starter relay.

    If the engine still won’t switch on and begin to run after checking everything listed then let me know.

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      My engine will not start and run. Although, my starting issues is a little different. My engine turns over with continued cranking but it won’t fire up. It cranks slowly. Any ideas of what it could be?


        It would most likely be an issue with the battery. Be certain the battery is charged. Test it to make sure it hasn’t failed, dead cell. If the battery is good but it keeps dying the rectifier might be the problem or something is drawing power from the battery.

        The other possibility is that the battery terminals have a bad connection or are corroded. Clean the terminals and be certain they are tight.

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