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My Toyota Camry died while I was operating the motor vehicle and now it is no longer functioning. The car will not start with continued cranking. It fact I spent so much time trying to start the car that the battery died. The engine cranks but it will not turn over completely and fire up. Actually sometimes it will start but it stalls soon after. 

What causes a Toyota Camry to shut off while driving? What specifically should I look at to determine the problem source?

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    Sometimes when a fuel pump is bad the vehicle will momentarily start, especially after trying to crank the vehicle excessively as this can cause pressure to build up in the line.

    Anyway, to troubleshoot a Toyota Camry that shut off while driving first charge the battery. Then turn the ignition key to the ON position and be certain the gas gauge is not on empty. Also check to see if the security light is blinking, if applicable (you didn’t mention the year of vehicle).

    Also when turning the ignition key, sometimes you can hear the fuel pump turn on, but that is not the case on all cars. Also listen for a clicking under the hood, it could be the fuel pump relay. Lastly, does the engine sound normal when cranking it? These are just some of the things you need to observe to figure out why it might have shut off while driving.

    You could diagnose the vehicle with a code scanner if you have one. Code scanners can diagnose things like a bad crank sensor. If you don’t have a code scanner start troubleshooting by checking if you have spark. Use a spark tester to be certain you have sufficient spark.

    Try spraying some alternative fuel into the throttle intake after the fuel filter, just before the throttle intake. If the vehicle starts, then obviously the car is lacking fuel. But that doesn’t mean it is the fuel pump. Don’t start randomly replacing parts, that can get expensive.

    Pop the rear seat cushion off and gain entry to the fuel pump by prying off the access hole cover (sometimes it’s held down by 3 screws). Unplug the fuel pump and make sure the pins are in good condition and wires look good. Test the harness with a test light to ensure electrical power is reaching the fuel pump connection. If you got power, replace the fuel pump.

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