Toyota Corolla Won’t Start Clicking Noise


My 2006 Toyota Corolla will not turn on and begin operating. This morning I put the key in the ignition but when I tried to start up the car it made a clicking noise.

All the lights switched on when I turned the key to the ON position but the engine did not even attempt to crank. It just made a fast ticking noise.

After a few attempts to get the car started in stopped making the clicking noise, but the dashboard lights still activate. So now it will not start, crank or make a clicking noise. Only the interior lights energize.

I am not a mechanic nor can I take the car to a person who repairs vehicles cuz my Toyota Corolla won’t start. Based on those symptoms anyone know why my vehicle will not fire but makes a clicking noise? Please help! Thank you.

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    If your Toyota Corolla will not start or crank but makes a clicking noise it means the battery is dead and needs to be recharge. The battery could be dead because the alternator is faulty.

    Dead battery

    Clearly the battery is dead, there is a loose battery cable or the battery terminals are corroded. You might be able to jump-start the car or recharge the battery. Although, if the battery has a dead cell it might not start at all.


    If this is the case you will need to get a new battery and they can be expensive. My battery died the other day but it was still under a two year warranty. So I brought the battery back to the place I purchased it from (Pep Boys) and they replaced my battery for free.

    Fault alternator

    It is possible the alternator died and it is unable to recharge the battery. Although I think you should have a check engine light.


    I have a Toyota Corolla also (2005). I am looking at the manual and it mentions nothing about a faulty alternator in the troubleshooting section “Engine Will Not Rotate When Attempting to Start”.


    The manual does list possible causes for why it will not start or crank. Aside from it being a bad battery, it also list a faulty starter solenoid, starter motor or ignition switch. It mentions a few other things but that wouldn’t cause the clicking noise.


    Just charge the battery or bring it back to the place you got it from and have them test it. Your local auto part store will test it for free. See if it’s still under warranty, maybe you get a new battery for free.

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      I am having almost the same problem. My 2004 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 won’t start up and begin to run. When I turn the key the crankshaft does not turn at all. All I hear is one single loud click every time I turn the key into the starting position.


      Does this mean it’s the starter?


        Car won’t start one click then nothing happens usually means the starter or solenoid is bad. But you should make sure the main power wire from the battery is securely connected to the starter motor. Make sure all of the connections are tight before you pull the starter out.

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