Toyota Tundra Won’t Start Just Clicks


Why is my Toyota Tundra not starting and making a rapid clicking noise? When I tried to start my truck this morning it cranked for about 2 seconds then it started to make a fast tick, tick, tick sound. This is the first time my truck has never started up. Anyone know what is making this clicking noise and why my truck won’t start?

My Tundra is a 2012 with a 4.6 liter engine. It just crossed the 100k mileage mark two days ago. It’s like it was programmed to break at 100,000 miles.

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    Toyota Tundra Won’t Start Clicking Sound

    Toyota Tundra is one of the sturdiest heavy duty trucks in its range. It has classy looks, and is a favorite among many people. But an owner might face a situation where his/her Toyota Tundra won’t start and make a clicking sound instead. Here in this article we will briefly discuss the most common causes why such a phenomenon occurs, so that you can troubleshoot your Toyota Tundra perfectly.

    1. Battery

    The first component that you should look into for troubleshooting is the battery of your truck. Use a voltmeter to check if the battery has enough voltage. A minimum of 12.4V is required for starting the vehicle. Anything less will require you to charge the battery, or worse; a dead battery. A battery load test is also required. If it falls below 9V during the load test, your battery is dying. The cold cranking amps of the battery should also be tested to see if it is near to the original rated CCA. Also check the connections to the battery and fuses. A loose connection often causes this problem as well. Battery terminals should be free from excessive corrosion.

    2. Starter

    If battery is not an issue, then there is a high probability that the problem resides with a bad starter. A test light can be connected to the output terminal of the starter solenoid to check the continuous flow of electricity. No light indicates a damaged solenoid.  A voltmeter can be used to measure the voltage drop across the solenoid. The positive lead of the voltmeter is connected to the lower terminal of the solenoid. The voltage drop in case of the battery should be same as the voltage drop across the solenoid. Absence of any voltage at all indicates a damaged solenoid. Also check for possible corrosion or wiring problems within the starter assembly.  As you get a click, the problem mostly lies with corroded contacts.

    These are the most common issues that happen specifically in Toyota Tundra which causes the car to just click, but not start at all. If your car passes the above tests without any fault, then the problem might be something else like damaged alternator, improper fuel flow, triggering of the anti-theft system, lack of requisite pressure in any of the combustion chamber, weak or damaged spark plug. Such problems can be diagnosed easily with appropriate tools.

    If you find the starting issues let us know what the problem was. Thanks.

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    My Toyota tundra won’t start when the weather is cold outside. Sometimes the engine cranks but it will not turn on and run. Other times it will turn over and fire up. I just put a brand new battery in the truck.

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