What is the main jet size for Mercury WME-9 80hp Carburetor?


I am rebuilding my Mercury outboard carburetor and I need to know the main jet size for 80hp 1983.

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  1. The main jet for top carburetor, center and the bottom carb is .064

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  2. Can I use standard size jet for operation on a Mercury outboard 115 that runs at 1800 feet of elevation? I have WME-14 carburetor and main jet is 0.76.

  3. Standard jets can operate between 0′-2500 ft. for most engines. Engines with carburetor number WME-14, 21 use standard jet .076 for 5000 ft. (1524m), .072 for 7500 ft. (2286m), .068 for 10000 ft. (3048m) elevation.

  4. I am trying to reassemble the carburetor linkage arrangement on 4-cylinder 115hp engine. Can you supply a diagram of how it goes back together?

  5. Click on image to enlarge.

    a – Screw (6)
    b – Washer (6)
    c – Carburetor Link
    d – Carburetor Link
    e – Oil Injection Pump Link Rod
    f – Roller
    g – Throttle Shaft
    h – Throttle Link
    i – Throttle Link
    j – Gasket
    k – Gasket

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