Where to Get Service Manual for 2008 Yamaha F50TLR


From what source can I acquire a service manual or repair manual for my 2008 Yamaha F50TLR in-line 4-stroke four-cylinder outboard engine?

Do they have a downloadable service repair manual similar to an online digital car and truck repair manual?

I need to perform routine maintenance and repair work on my boat engine and I could use a book of instructions in digital format that I can download now because there isn’t a local boat mechanic in my town.

Also what is repair manual part number? As stated previously my Yamaha engine model is F50TLR.

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    You can obtain a downloadable factory service manual online at http://www.911manual.com. The manual part number or literature code is LIT-18616-02-85. The electronically transmitted handbook is applicable for 2005 thru 2008 F50TLR, F60TLR, F50TLRD and F60LTRD engines.

    The book is 272 pages and is in .pdf format which is a file format that looks identical to a printed paperback book that you would get at a marine parts store. It took me under a minute to download and receive it.

    I downloaded the manual to my desktop PC but you should be able to download it to a tablet or smartphone. Here’s what the cover of the book looks like.

    Yamaha F50TLR Service Manual Cover Page

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    What is the service manual part number for a Yamaha VZ250FTLR? Do the factory service manuals contain specifications for the complete motor?


    The downloadable Yamaha factory service manuals cover every aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, including complete component specifications. I have attached documentation in .pdf format that provides a complete list of service manual part numbers (LIT#) for all 2008 Yamaha outboard engines.

    2008 Yamaha Outboard Service Manual Part Numbers

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