Why Do Media Outlets Always Talk About Race?


Why does it seem like there is so much racial divide in news coverage? It is wall-to-wall coverage of black man vs white man. Media outlets like CNN and ABC News say “we need to keep talking about race”. Ironically, the more we talk about it the more racist people become. Is this by design?

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  1. Corporations have infiltrated the government and pretend to be government. Media outlets are an extension of government and are used as a tool to lead people. There are only two ways to lead people: you either unite them or divide them. Unity brings people together where they can work as one to solve problems. But in a world without problems corporate monopolies and wealth inequality will not exist. There would be no extreme poor and no extreme rich—everyone would be equal. The power elite do not desire to be equal like you (poor).

    So corporations and government use race to build audience and sell advertising, and to keep society divided. Media give light to highly-biased topics to make groups of people disagree and fight amongst one another so that they will not join together against them. In a perfect world problems and unfair advantages do not exist. In a perfect world corporations could not rig elections or the economy in their favor. So they use media outlets to brainwash an army of voters so as to maintain control over their own fate.

    Hey black man, I am from ABC News, look at this dead black man. The racist white republican policeman killed him with his knee on his neck. Mr. black man, I am bringing this to your attention because I am your friend, but together you and I can vote blue and eradicate these racist radical right-wing extremist from earth. Together we will fix systemic racism in education, healthcare and in living standards. And even though we’ve been talking about this exact topic since the CIA murdered Malcolm X, this time I promise it will really and truly happen…but only if you vote blue.

    Malcolm X said democrat and republican lawmakers are the devil but democrats pretend to be the friend of blacks just to win their vote. He said white people are perfectly divided in their presidential votes, and the black vote determines who becomes president. He said they will always trick you and you will always be their political chumps.

    Truth is, it doesn’t matter who wins the election cuz both sides are one and the same. You think your vote makes a differences but it’s just a way to fool you into believing real change is a vote away.

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