Why Does Dodge Grand Caravan Battery Keep Dying


For what reason does my Dodge Grand Caravan minivan battery continue to repeatedly lose power. Here’s the rundown. Every morning when I try to start the minivan it fails to turn on.

If I energize the battery it will start the vehicle but the charge will fade away by next morning. I am afraid the battery might give out the next time I drive somewhere. I would hate for the battery to stop working and have the vehicle break down when I am far from home.

I don’t think the battery can carry on much longer before it expires and cuts out for good. My neighbor said the battery might have a bad cell, whatever that means.

I looked up the definition of battery and it says it’s a container consisting of more than one cell in which chemical energy is somehow converted into electricity and used by the vehicle as a source of power.

Can I change a battery cell? How do I change a cell? Why does my Dodge Grand Caravan battery keep dying? What does it mean if the battery constantly runs out of electric charge? So many questions that need answers!

My vehicle is a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan V6-3.3L

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    I believe you can repair a bad cell if the battery hasn’t been permanently damaged but you would need sulfuric acid, goggles, acid resistant gloves and a hydrometer. It might be cheaper to buy a replacement battery.

    Then again, did the battery even kick the bucket? There could be several possible causes for why a battery state of charge cannot be maintained. The problem source might not even be the battery itself.

    I would suggest you charge the battery and drive the Dodge Grand Caravan to a local auto part store and have it tested. They can diagnose it for free and pull any fault codes while you’re there.

    But to answer your question, there can be several reasons why your Dodge Grand Caravan battery keeps dying or loses its electrical charge…

    Battery Keeps Dying

    1. Wrong size battery or rating for minivan. 1. A stock 2001 Grand Caravan minivan needs a minimum cold cranking amps of 600 with a 34 group size.
    2. Battery terminal is corroded or loose. 2. Clean and tighten connections.
    3. Alternator drive belt is slipping. 3. Tighten or replace the accessory drive belt.
    4. Short circuit or electrical system ignition-off draw is excessive. 4. Check for loose, detached or broken wires, or bad ground.
    5. Battery is faulty. 5. Test battery cranking capacity, replace if faulty.
    6. Charging system insufficient. 6. Test alternator and replace if necessary.
    7. Electrical loads exceed the output of the charging system. 7. If aftermarket electrical equipment was installed, e.g. high-power stereo system, upgrade the charging system.
    8. Prolonged, slow driving or idling with high-amperage draw system in use. 8. Upgrade charging system as necessary.

    A local auto part store can quickly determine if the battery is defective. They can also test the alternator while you are there. You can ask them to check if the alternator accessory belt  is worn or too loose.

    If you’ve upgraded the stereo system or added electrical equipment to the vehicle like a wheelchair lift then you will need to upgrade the charging system.

    Lastly, does the vehicle crank right up when the battery is charged? A bad starter could require excessive cranking to fire the engine and it may demand more power than what the battery can provide.

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