Why is Oil Pan Drain Plug leaking 2002 Chrysler Town And Country?


I changed the engine oil and filter on my 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minivan but now I see oil dripping from the oil drain plug. I made sure I put the rubber drain plug gasket back on when I put the plug back in. The plug is fully tightened so why is it still leaking?

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  1. Alonso Daniel

    When you change the motor oil on your Chrysler Town and Country minivan you also need to replace the oil pan drain plug gasket. Rubber and metal crush gaskets should be replaced each time the drain plug is removed.


    It could also be leaking because of a damaged oil pan or cross threaded. I would recommend you change the oil drain plug. Votex makes a stainless steel oil drain plug with neodymium magnet.


    The neodymium magnets will capture and hold on to all of the metal debris circulating in your engine that your oil filter misses. It will help extend the life of your Chrysler Town and Country engine.


    Make sure you change the gasket soon so you don’t run out of engine oil. Make sure you keep an eye on the oil level or oil check light on the instrument dashboard.


    The correct size drain plug for 2001 thru 2006 models is M14 X 1.5 MM. If you get the new plug you should buy extra M14 aluminum oil drain plug seal ring gaskets. They have a 20 pack for $12.99.

    Best answer

    You can use an oversized drain bolt to cut new threads into the oil pan if the plug is leaking.  I believe the 2002 Chrysler Town & Country van has an aluminum pan. Installing an oversized bolt beats buying and replacing a new oil pan. Don’t over-tighten the new plug and gasket.


    Once the gasket touches the sealing surface, torque it another 1/4 turn. Turn the van on and take it for a quick drive. Bring the engine up to normal operating temperature and then check for leakage.

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