Will Cardano (ADA) Reach $10 in 2021 (or 2022)


Does Cardano have the capacity to reach $10 dollars by the end of 2021? The Youtube influencer Bitboy Crypto said Cardano or ADA will get to $9. Some of the other Youtube influencers said it would climb to $20 by the year 2021 or mid-year 2022.

Then you have bearish Youtubers that say Cardano will fall to 25¢ or even sink to 20¢. I bought ADA at $1.90 and thought it would reach $9 or $10 like all the Youtubers said it would.

We still have 5 months left this year to hit $10 but I am beginning to have doubts it’s achievable.

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    No, Cardano will not reach ten dollars by the end of 2021. All of the top social media influencers shilled Cardano into oblivion and it only reached $2.46.

    Speaking of Bitboy Crypto, his channel was banned for a few hours yesterday (for the second time). I suspect other Youtube, Facebook and Twitter social media influencers Like Bitboy will also be prohibited from shilling cryptocurrency or be banned entirely. This is the exact reason why ADA could sink to $0.25 in 2021 and maybe even $0.15 by the year 2022.

    Regulations are coming and it will soon be illegal to shill cryptocurrency because too many people have lost their life savings by these fraudsters. Youtubers have been saying ADA will reach $100 since 2017. Now some suggest it will reach $1000 or even climb to $5000 per coin. Does that sound too good to be true? Yep!

    Shills will not exist soon because social media platforms will either delete them or the government will arrest them. Cardano or ADA has not accomplished anything but false promises. Unethical marketing is what got ADA to hit $2.46. So government regulators will come after people who shill ADA or any other coin. In fact, within 24 hours of Senator Elizabeth Warren mentioning “pump-and-dump [schemes]” Bitboy Crypto was temporary banned.

    Warning, when shills are banned ADA and other lame projects will crash and burn. I see ADA sinking to 60% just hours after regulations arrive.

    I sold my ADA when BTC peaked. I will never buy ADA again. I invest in real projects like Chainlink, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph HBAR and a few others.

    I truly feel bad for all those people that bought ADA when it peaked at $2.46. They will end up taking huge loses.

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      The YouTuber JRNY Crypto just said he believes Amazon and all of these big companies will end up using Cardano as opposed to Ethereum. That statement SCREAMED paid Cardano shill. I’d bet the government is already building a case against these shills and fraud CEO coin owners. No way in hell the government is going to allow Cardano to steal 74 billion dollars from investors. People will remember Cardano to be the biggest scam in the history of mankind…aside from government taxes.


        I seen that JRNY Crypto video you mentioned. That just shows you his willingness to act dishonestly in return for money. Either he was bribed to say Cardano would be adopted by all the major companies or he is trying to shill his own coin, or he is deliberately misleading people to keep Youtube ad revenue flowing. In another one of his videos he did briefly say someone tried to bribe him before.

        In one of his videos he said “from what the insiders stated they (Amazon) would be accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA and Bitcoin Cash as payment to start”.

        There is zero proof of anyone from Amazon saying Cardano would be accepted as payment. I would assume that coins listed on PayPal would be the fist chosen coins accepted as payment.

        No kidding, since 2017 I’ve heard nothing but Cardano hype and never once have they delivered any truth.


          Amazon denied saying it would accept Bitcoin or Cardano. In fact, the Author of that story, Darren Parkin, is a crypto enthusiast who is always tweeting about Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano. Many people now believe he lied to shill his investment. The U.S. Government should launch an investigation into whether this anonymous source said this or is even real. The level of corruption within cryptocurrency is appalling.

          I predict Cardano will be the cryptocurrency that causes all crypto to be banned in the USA. If I owned ADA I would DUMP IT QUICKLY.

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