Will Cardano ADA Reach $9


Can Cardano ADA get to or pass $9 dollars per coin in the near future or before 2023? Everyone is talking about Cardano saying that it will arrive at a price that goes beyond Ethereum.

If Cardano is an Ethereum killer then why aren’t more people investing in it? Btw, I only have $1000 to invest.

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    No, Cardano (ADA) will not hit $9 per coin in the near or distant future. Youtube influencers have shilled it into oblivion and it only reached $2.46 per coin.

    Hundreds of Youtubers, high-level websites and dozens of social media platforms worked 24/7 to inflate the price during the best bull market in the history of mankind and currently it is only at $1.38 per coin, and it’s currently pumped.

    They’ve been saying it will reach $100 per coin since 2017. I guarantee it will not reach $5 before 2023, maybe never.

    In a recent Youtube show Blockchain Boy said “Cardano does nothing, it has potential but it does nothing”. In the same show ARCANE BEAR said Cardano will retrace to $0.25 in the bear market.

    There are so many coins with huge potential so why would you invest in a pipe dream? Cardano is garbage and a scam coin that is only making the CEO and shills rich.

    For 4 years they said it will reach $100 bucks and it’s sitting at $1.38. At this rate it will take 72 years to achieve 100 dollars (you’ll be dead). It’s not even a good coin to day trade because it requires massive volume just to raise the price 1 penny.

    Cardano is not even a good coin to buy in a bear market because it will take the entire bare market to shake out weak hands. So many people will get or have already got burned so that only rejects will buy ADA next bull cycle.

    Trust me, do not buy Cardano ADA scam coin. 100 years from now they will still be saying Cardano will reach 100 bucks. It will never happen. Everyone dump ADA while you still can.

    At the bottom of the bear market consider investing in the top projects. That being ETH DOT UNI LINK MATIC HBAR ETC FIL AAVE FORTH GTC. If you want to get risky then consider Plasma Finance PPAY or CQT.

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