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Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smartphone

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smartphone

Choosing the right smartphone for you demands a clear and objective view of your options. Oftentimes a smartphone is chosen based upon the marketing efforts of the competing companies and the result is that you end up with a device that does not meet your needs. Follow this guide to narrow your options and allow you to make the best choice when choosing your next smartphone.

There are several manufacturers of smartphones nowadays. What was once a fringe market of gadgets reserved for those who needed power for their occupations, smartphones are nearly ubiquitous personal computing devices and are carried by students and seniors alike. Without focusing on specific brands or models, consider these three factors when choosing your next smartphone.


Today’s smartphones come in a number of sizes. Most are distinguished by screen size although some are quite a bit thinner than others. When considering the size of your next smartphone think about what types of tasks you hope to accomplish with your new device.

If you are a person who aims to send and receive messages, make and accept phone calls, and occasionally check the Internet or use applications; the screen size may not be a major factor for you. All of the current models of smartphones come with at least a four-inch screen; plenty large enough for regular tasks such as light web surfing and social media browsing.

For those users who plan to consume lots of content with their smartphone, a larger screen may be a better bet. Some of the leading smartphones are close to and surpassing screens of 5 inches or more.

Operating System

The operating system that comes loaded on your smartphone is the way by which you use your phone. Even more important than any physical or hardware features, the OS will determine how quickly you learn how to use your phone to solve your needs or how steep of a learning curve will have to be negotiated in the process. Choose an operating system that allows you to accomplish all that you hope to accomplish with a smartphone, but does not take an MIT graduate to learn.

Choosing a powerful operating system that is not easy to use will cause some people to never venture through the system and never take advantage of the power they hold.


Cost is always an important factor in any purchase. Smartphones are largely subsidized by carrier agreements and therefore are closely priced among the manufacturers and carriers. To save the most money, choose a smartphone that is one generation behind the current model. Chances are, you will get a powerful device, an operating system that is equal or close to the latest version, and a great price for a device that just a few weeks ago was selling for $200 or more. Some of the most capable smartphones on the market can be purchased for less than $100 simply because a newer model has been released.

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