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Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a new washing machine, there are several factors to consider. Each feature and form of the washing machines for sale offer a different laundry experience and should match your washing habits as perfectly as possible. Contemporary machines are more advanced than ever and offer a litany of high-tech cycles and other features to make doing the weekly laundry easier. Consider the different attributes of each of your choices, the cost to purchase an operating the various models, and the size and connection options available to ensure a smart purchase and a machine that will serve your needs for years to come.


Washing machine capacity is a primary category of which there are several options. The dimensions of the washer will dictate whether or not the model is compatible with the space you have available in your wash room area. Also important is the wash tub capacity. Buyers should weigh their options regarding wash tub capacity against the load size that is commonly required to do laundry as normal or in as efficient a manner as possible. Larger is not always better. You should consider the size and cost of operating your machine when choosing. A washer that is too small will require more loads to be washed. Conversely, a washer that is too large will take up more space, cost more to purchase and operate, and lead to inefficiency and the loss of an opportunity to save money.


The cost of operating your washer comes down to electricity and water consumption. Many current models are equipped with technology that will automatically govern the amount of water used to clean varying load sizes. Automatic water level cycles ensure that you are only using the amount of water necessary for the size load you are washing. Automatic temperature settings means using only the necessary amount of energy to heat the water to service varying load types such as whites, delicates or colors. Look for Energy Star rated machines for the best in efficiency, which will translate into energy and water savings over the life of the machine.


Buyers can choose between top and front loading washing machines based on their specific needs. Top-loading machines employ a system that includes an agitator to wash the clothing inside the wash tub. Front-loading machines tumble laundry and are not equipped with agitators. Large items, such as comforters, are more effectively cleaned in a front-loading machine due to the fact that an agitator can bind the larger item and leave spots of the fabric untouched by the water and detergent. The choice to go with a front-loader is not without compromise. Top-loading machines are able to more accurately judge the water level to best clean the load which will increase efficiency.


Current models are commonly equipped with a host of temperature adjustments and cycle choicest, giving the washer the ability to designate a specific environment for washing varying loads. Customers can choose among washers that can be set to specifically target soil levels, fabrics and colors, to offer a more detailed and effective cleaning cycle. Commonly, the washing machines that offer the most choices are also the most expensive; however, you can find washing machines that offer a diverse array of settings and a price point that fits into even the most modest budget. 

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