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What is Blogger Outreach and Why Use an Agency?

What is Blogger Outreach and Why Use an Agency?

Influential bloggers in your niche can be a valuable source of future customers. The challenge is getting bloggers to mention you in their posts, and potentially get before thousands of readers.

How does blogger outreach work?

There are many ways to get your brand noticed with a little help from bloggers. One is to write a post mentioning your brand and linking back to your website, and pay a blogger to publish it to their website. This will be a sponsored post, which the blogger will need to disclose to readers.

It is pretty common for product-based businesses to send their product to bloggers in exchange for a review post. The catch here is that bloggers should like the product and believe it is worth promoting.

Guest posting is an excellent approach to gain access to a vast pool of potential buyers. Whatever direction you want to pursue, make sure you start by networking with bloggers online.

Initiate a relationship by leaving a comment on their post, sharing their content, and responding to their questions on social media. Write an email to the bloggers, thanking them for their content and highlighting how it has benefitted you.

Once the initial groundwork has been laid, pitch them your latest post and mention its value for their readers: perhaps it could help their target audience understand a topic, learn from your experience or discover a new tool. The goal is to get a link back to that post or a tweet about it on the influential blogger’s handle.

Your email should do a good job of making you look like a worthy guest blogger. It is easier to land a guest posting spot if you’ve done your legwork building a relationship with bloggers. However, if you already have a blog up and running, be sure to add URLs of 2-3 of your recently published posts within the email.

Why an outreach agency is the preferred route

Blogger outreach is a time-consuming process. If you’re a busy business, you will have to take out at least an hour each week (or more, depending on how high blogger outreach is on your marketing agenda) networking with bloggers, emailing them and following-up with those who may have forgotten to write back.

Do you already have a content team/writer or are things slow on that front? Bloggers will expect a credible, share-worthy long-form post. 56% of bloggers who spend over six hours on a blog post get better results.

A blogger outreach agency can manage the process end-to-end. An agency assisting you with guest posting will identify niche sites with high domain authority, pitch article ideas and secure guest posting spots quickly. The agency will also create guest posts and add in-text contextual links leading back to your website.

In a nutshell, a blogger outreach agency will leverage their existing blogger relationships and content team, as well as stay on the ball to get things moving faster than what you might be able to manage on your own. This will boost the extent and speed of outcomes you want, and give you a leg up on your competitors.


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