Can Hexa Social (HEXA) Reach $10,000


Is there a possibility for Hexa Social (HEXA) to reach $10,000 per coin? According to this YouTuber, it seems plausible. At the moment, it appears to only be available on SaucerSwap exchange. Considering its tokenomics, burn factor, and its role as a utility token in a collaborative social finance forum, signs point towards potential long-term growth. Considering this, is it a strategic move to grab 5 or 10 coins while they’re still at an affordable price?

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    Yes, Hexa Social (HEXA) has the potential to achieve a value of $10,000. I recently joined the platform, and interestingly, they make you recognize the existence of their cryptocurrency just to set up an account – quite clever. HEXA appears to possess favorable tokenomics, incorporating a token burning mechanism. Considering these factors, it seems like it could emerge as a significant player over time. It’s refreshing to encounter something beyond the typical meme tokens on SaucerSwap. I suppose I’ll grab a few tokens for myself, hopefully beating you to it! Haha.

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    Yes, the possibility of Hexa Social reaching a value of ten thousand dollars per coin does seem plausible. It might be a good idea to grab a few tokens and adopt a long-term perspective. The potential success of the Hexa Social website could significantly amplify the token’s value, especially if it attracts millions of investors and marketers to the forum each month. Moreover, the unique approach of businesses needing Hexa tokens to offer services on the forum, followed by token burning, adds an interesting dynamic. With various utilities planned for the forum, acquiring a few tokens now and holding onto them for a while doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


    Why not just buy a few hundred over the next few months and sell at $5000? I think this coin has potential to be big long-term, but I am in this for the long-term. Hexa Social definitely seems to have the right strategy. I just bought a few on HashPack Wallet. 

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